Arcadia CEL

Developed in partnership with the Sands Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership in the United States, the Entrepreneurial Leadership programme priorities the development of four key traits that comprise the entrepreneurial mindset:

  • Opportunity-seeking

  • Creative problem solving

  • Resiliency

  • Resourcefulness

Equipped with this mindset, students take on interesting challenges that connect with their passions and graduate with a competitive advantage. To instil this mindset in every student, the Entrepreneurial Leadership programme is integrated into the Key Stage 3 experience. Project-based challenges in the classroom provide an opportunity for students to build this way of thinking while practising entrepreneurial skills in the areas of business, design, and technology.


social entrepreneurship

Students support entrepreneurs around the world in partnership with Kiva - a micro-financing company. They design, price and sell handmade products within their school community to generate funds.

digital storytelling

Students learn the power of stories as they deliver messages through audio and visual channels. They assume the role of a fictional social media persona to explore the production of an audio podcast.

personal brand design

Students begin to establish their entrepreneurial identity through a digital portfolio. In addition to creating introduction videos and custom logos, they also practice digital citizenship and content curation as they design their websites. Students will use this portfolio throughout their CEL experience to showcase work, share personal development and plan ahead for a meaningful Launchpad project.


Introduction to coding

In this CEL class, students take on a fun, educational game environment where they learn to code in real programming languages. The class is intended to energize, excite, and motivate students to pursue computer science. Students will learn that success does not come on the first try—similar to how the world's most difficult problems aren't solved on the first attempt.

engineering & robotics

This CEL class introduces students to the expansive world of Lego robotics. This course is a challenge-based course where students are given small challenges that introduce them to the basics of programming logic and include some level of competition. They explore the basics of building & construction, instruction following, line-following, loop statements and sensor usage for reading the environment.

influential Presentation

Students are pushed to identify a topic that they have a true passion for as the basis for their own short TED-style presentation. Students begin with writing a speech that tells a story and engages their audience. After their speech is written, students focus on learning and polishing it, as well as building confidence standing in front of a group and using both their voice and body to tell their story.


introduction to hmtl

Students learn about the Linux operating system and set up a web server. The class culminates in a three page website designed using HTML that students create based on their own interests.

digital publishing

Students champion a cause about which they are passionate and conduct research to learn more about that issue. They leverage web design, print marketing and social media as promotional platforms.


Students evaluate the decisions of companies, consumers, and individuals as they assess the value of money and time. They become spreadsheet experts as they tackle case studies, found startups, and manage budgets.


Application development

Students will learn the process of developing a mobile application. They will plan, design, test and launch an application using various software development methods.

Product Development

Students will utilise the Design & Technology facilities within school to create a physical product. This will include the planning, design and fabrications stages of the product.

Business Fundamentals

Student will learn the fundamentals of finance and Marketing.



The Launchpad Project is a unique, self-directed design experience. With the support of dedicated faculty mentors, students bring ideas inspired by their personal passions to life using the business, design, and technology skills learned in their previous CEL classes.