Get involved - help us index Archifacts from 2003 - 2018!


  • Have a look at _Example and guidelines Archifacts listing template for the format and guidelines

  • Select a spreadsheet and open it (each spreadsheet includes 2 mock listings to use as a style guide)

  • Make sure there is not a final entry entitled COMPLETE

  • Open the Issue(s) for the year you have selected

  • Follow the template and add your listings (please use First Name then Surname for Authors or leave field blank if not clear)

  • Your listings will autosave. If you cannot complete an Issue or a Year, that's fine, every little bit helps and the next person can add more entries

  • If all the listings for the Year and all Issues from that Year are complete, add a final entry entitled COMPLETE

  • Optional step - email to notify that listing is complete

Kia ora and thanks from everybody at ARANZ for your help!

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