Ara Pakeke

Welcome to our visible learning space for 2018.

It is an exciting year ahead for the Ara Pakeke team. The Room 1-6 classroom block is due to be refurbished and transformed into a series of Innovative Learning Environments (ILE). As students and teachers, we have begun our journey towards transitioning into what will be dynamic learning spaces. There will be some trial and some error, and we will all be growing together. Our visible learning platform is located on the Arahoe School website. It is evolving into an interactive learning tool for students and a way for us to connect our whanau to our classrooms.

In our first stage of development we have structured our team into four collaborative pods, each consisting of two or three classes. This is to implement a richer and wider scope of teaching and learning opportunities, for all students. Teachers in these pods will begin to plan together, drawing on strengths, and taking on varied teaching roles. As teachers take collective responsibility for their pod of learners, they will share the teaching of the core areas of literacy and mathematics. ‘Whanau’ teachers are still the first point of communication for achievement information and social matters. For more information on planned changes, aspirations and time frames, please visit our Innovative Learning Practice page.


We have been learning to code with Mrs. Howard in Room 5 and 6. It is so much fun.

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Student Led Conferences

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Our Learning Pods

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