Small Business Consulting

Simplify. Systemize. Succeed.

AR2 Business Services assists with improving organization, communication, and workflow, for small businesses and nonprofits.

Who can we help?

Businesses of any size and in any market. Nonprofit organizations of almost any type. Private households that just need to get organized. Pretty much anyone!

How does it work?

We come to you, learn about your business, determine your needs, and immediately begin suggesting solutions to help you accomplish the established goals. We can actively participate in implementation or leave you to it. Our relationship and involvement level with each client is new and different and completely customized to your needs.

How long does it take?

Whether you need a short-term advisor or a long-term accountability partner, we'll adjust to meet your needs. It all starts with one session of approximately two hours during which all future plans can be made based on achieving the best possible outcome. The length and depth of our relationship will determine the total time involved.

What are the costs?

We charge a very reasonable hourly rate for services as long as you're in the Chicago area. We can also travel as needed with any costs added. That's it!

We'll take the next steps together!