What kind of drummer are you?

AR2 Drumming Studio serves every drummer with their purpose in mind!

Musicians have different personal reasons for playing. Listening to the student and finding those unique circumstances are a critical part of assessing how each drummer will learn, determining the timeline for their progress, and understanding what will motivate them to always invest their best efforts along the way.

The fundamentals of drumming don't change, but the approach to learning them and the relationship between teacher and student must. Building an AR2 Drummer requires adapting the method of instruction to suit each and every student in a way that will help that drummer feel his or her own development along the way to achieving his or her own goals!

Here you will find some of the reasons that AR2 Drummers play, and in their own words a student will tell their story about how our relationship has helped them become the player they are today. Communication is a two-way street and the two most important words we have to share with all of our students – past and present – are “THANK YOU!”

AR2 Drummers

Meet some of our students and read their own words about how we serve them

AR2 Drummers play to compete

Studying with AR2 Drumming Studio was instrumental in helping me become a better competitor. Andrew's attention to detail in my playing allowed him to write scores that highlight my strengths, allowing for consistency, but also challenge my weaknesses. I went on to win the Grade 2 solos at Winter Storm 2012, be promoted to Grade 1, and was able to play alongside Andrew as a member of the LA Scots. At the 2012 World Pipe Band Championships our drum corps received first place in the Grade 1 qualifier and the band successfully advanced into the finals!

Graham Young | Portland Metro Pipe Band, Online SnareStudent, Former Corpsmate

AR2 Drummers play for their community

In December of 2011 the Oswego Fire Department Pipes & Drums was established and began receiving lessons from Andrew once a week. The department decided to form a pipes and drum band to honor all members of the fire service and provide traditional services at ceremonies and most importantly for fallen firefighters. All the drummers were new to the music world with most having less than 1-2 years playing an instrument in high school with none of them being able to read music. Andrew was able to take adults and teach them how to read music and most importantly interpret music. He was able to provide insight into proper technique and keep the drummers on pace so that when it was time to play with the pipers we were ready. Within one year’s time he had all the drummers playing the massed band scores and learning a Fanfare. He also provided insight into how to properly assemble and tune all the drums. He also was able to provide the band with vendor names of where to purchase the proper equipment needed for a pipe and drum band including uniforms and how to properly wear the uniform.

In June of 2012 we made our first public appearance when we marched in our local Prairiefest Parade. To this day we still receive instruction from Andrew and have continued to develop as a whole group and have been able to provide our services not only to our community but to other surrounding communities that requested our services. We truly believe that without Andrew’s teachings, we would not be where we are today and would not be excelling at the rate we have. His approach to teaching the percussion section and having a great understanding of why “we” exist and what our needs are is exceptional and far beyond what we could have asked for.

Dan Schiradelly | Oswego Fire Department Pipes and Drums Battalion Chief and Snare Drummer

AR2 Drummers play for honor

As a career firefighter paramedic, I got in to drumming with a firefighter pipe and drum band. Our primary mission is honoring our brothers and sisters who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty. There are few words to really describe how important that is for me, and what it means to be able to show my love for them and their families through the traditional music of the fire service. I knew nothing about drumming when I joined the band, and met Andrew in my first year of playing. His love for dynamic play and his ability to relay and teach the importance of making drumming “musical” was paramount in making me the drummer that I am today. In the three years that I have worked with him, the growth that I have experienced is significant and continues to expand with every moment that I spend with him. His attention to detail is incredible and his ability to express and teach those fine details has given me the skills to play with not only heart, but with precision. I can say that when I am called to truly honor our fallen, I know with certainty that I am performing those scores not just correctly, but musically and with passion. There is no greater honor than leaving the families of the fallen with beautiful music to lift their hearts and soothe their souls. Thank you Andrew for putting your heart and soul in to teaching us how to play with honor, precision and passion.

Amy Dant | The Fire Brigade Pipes & Drums of Greater Baltimore, Firefighter Paramedic and Snare Drummer, Student at Keeping Tradition Alive Symposium

AR2 Drummers play for the challenge

When I began taking lessons with AR2 in 2011, I had never played an instrument and knew absolutely nothing about pipe band drumming. Through Andrew’s methodical instruction, I became a confident tenor drummer and stepped out on the competition field with my band within months. The following year I progressed to solo competition with Andrew’s original drum scores, and earned medals. As a personal instructor he is encouraging and motivating, and his experience as an adjudicator has been invaluable in helping me prepare for competitions. Due to the changing needs of my band, and my own desire to expand my drumming skills, I’ve since switched to the snare drum, and Andrew’s method of snare instruction has proven to be fail-proof as long as one is willing to put in the practice. My drumming focus has changed from competition to performance and back to competition, and Andrew has been flexible and supportive to help me achieve my personal goals.

For me, AR2 Drumming Studio is the only way to go!

Tessa Jones | Online Tenor and Snare Student

AR2 Drummers play for themselves

If you are looking for a way to challenge your drumming and bring it to the next level, then Andrew Hoinacki and AR2 Drumming Studio is the way to go. Serendipitously, I stumbled upon Andrew in the Fall of 2010 when I was looking for a new personal challenge to explore. Andrew immediately recognized that I had a strong desire to be stretched, continually looking to reach that next performance level and breakthrough. In response, he customized a training program using unique and novel ways to challenge me as a player even stretching me beyond what I even thought I was capable of achieving. Just a sampling of Andrew’s tools include custom written solo scores, critique on demand to provide written feedback of improvement areas, and rudiment development exercises to meet the specific teaching needs based upon my current level of play.

Through mentoring and sound teaching methods, Andrew brought me from a true beginner, never having played before, novice tenor drummer, to becoming the lead snare of a local grade 4 drum corps, and now playing as a member of a grade 3 corps under his leadership. Over the years, we have developed a strong teacher/student partnership that has yielded phenomenal results. Learning to play snare certainly has been one of the most challenging and personally rewarding areas of my life. Thanks, Andrew, for all of your help and guidance over the years. It is an honor and a privilege to be one of your students.

Chris Stuart | Private Tuition and Band Student for Tenor and Snare, Former Corpsmate

AR2 Drummers play for fun!

A little bit about my background. I’ve been playing some form of percussion since I was 8 years old, relying on the local resources in my area for lessons and development (pre Sykpe & all the awesome connectivity we have today). I’ve always felt a strong connection to my drum family even though the members ALWAYS change, the energy and connection and unified purpose never changed. I began Marching in High School and my love for the corps carried through college. After graduating and aging out of the DCI (Drum Corps International) culture I was left with a void for 10 years. It wasn’t until I discovered pipe band drumming that a connection was reestablished with marching and performing and ultimately competing. Pulling from local resources for my development I quickly learned about the interconnectedness of the pipe band community and that with current technology I no longer had to be reliant on the local field, I was truly in control of my own drumming development.

Andrew has been a GREAT asset in my development. Even though he’s states away from where I live, I know I can reach out at any time, connect with him for any advice or help I’m needing. He doesn’t waste any time or pull punches when providing feedback and gives me achievable goals to work towards. Whether it’s working out the expression of a phrase or teaching methods. Our relationship has evolved beyond teacher/student to drum geek peers (even though I still have much to learn in my continual improvement). I love that I can sit with Andrew and geek out about all kinds of drumming excellence whether it’s pipe band related or DCI.

Anna Oyler | Online Snare Student and Summer Camp Attendee