Personal Instruction

Individual lessons are the cornerstone on which AR2 Drumming Studio was founded. With over 25 years of experience this is the primary and most bespoke service we can offer because we work to find what motivates each student and then devise a totally custom tailored plan to achieve his or her goals.

Lessons are held online via one of three video call services: FaceTime, Hangouts, or Skype. The schedule is set for a biweekly rotation and managed as two academic terms per year: spring Jan-May and fall Sep-Dec. Bookings are available Tuesday through Thursday with a variety of times including mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Individual lessons are not available Mondays or Fridays. Based on openings at the time of inquiry, we are happy to welcome new students anytime during a term and will set their schedule through the end of the current period.

Video Review Service

Consider this opportunity to get a professional input on demand!

This service is great for advanced or self-directed learners not interested in ongoing instruction, or drummers who can't fit real-time tutoring into a busy or unpredictable schedule, and especially for students who want professional guidance but term-based tuition just isn't in the budget. Whatever might be keeping you from pursuing regular instruction while wanting to be sure you’re learning and playing properly … this is for you!

Our reviews allow any drummer to receive feedback anytime, anywhere!