Andrew Hoinacki

Andrew Hoinacki started drumming at age 6 spending his formative years in a youth pipe band learning tenor, bass, and snare. After initially serving as the junior band’s bass drummer, he has been competing as a snare drummer with bands in Grade 2 and Grade 1 since age 14 and his career includes a decade as a Leading Drummer. Andrew’s solo accolades at the Professional grade level include United States Champion, Midwest Pipe Band Association Champion Supreme and Western United States Pipe Band Association Champion Supreme.

Andrew is a full time pipe band drumming educator with diverse interests in other forms of percussion and general music. His well-rounded experience and down-to-earth approach have made him a sought-after instructor for competitive, performance, and honor guard groups alike. Andrew's students and patron bands have worked hard under his tutelage to reach success in their goals - the differentiation of which is a key ingredient to the studio's policy on achieving success through mutual understanding of each individual's or group's core purpose.

Andrew has served as an active adjudicator of drumming and ensemble for two decades. He is currently accredited as a full judge on the Midwest Pipe Band Association panel and previously held accreditation from the Western United States Pipe Band Association panel while living in that jurisdiction. Andrew also serves on the MWPBA Music Board which oversees playing standards of bands and soloists as well as judging appointments.