Associate of Arts

Amy Seinen

Bachelor of Arts

Joi Adams

Favorite Memory:
Being a part of the AQ theatre program

Theresa Andary

Favorite Memory:
My favorite memory is all of the friends I made. Especially those in the faith house community. We always had a lot of fun at our meetings and in generally spending a lot of time together.

Kristen Avila

Favorite Memory:
I enjoyed getting to know everyone in the music department and I enjoyed performing in Kretschmer Hall.

Yesenia Bernal

Favorite Memory:
Being apart for the Latinx Student Association and studying aboard in Spain

Claudia Boerigter

Favorite Memory:
My favorite memories include late-night paper writing in my apartment with friends, participating in AQ model UN, and of course, my time in Tully Cross in 2017.

Latoya Booker

Olivia Borgdorff

Rachel Bouterse

Miriam Brooks

Adam Bundy

Cara Burns

Jessica Byle

Haley Callahan

Ethan Campbell

Stephanie Chenlo

Favorite Memory:
Playing volleyball while earning my teaching degree!

Bailey Chouinard

Emily Cipriano

Favorite Memory:
Creating social change with other artists!

Christopher Coffeen

Ranee Cole

September Cook

Amy Cutlip

Favorite Memory:
Danger in woods. Keep out of trees.

Kelsey Dassance

Kayleigh Davies

Favorite Memory:
The four months I spent in Germany on a study abroad program! It was so much fun being able to live in another country and experience a different culture!

Alexa Deutschmann

Favorite Memory:
Going on CAP, studying in Ireland, and living in FAITH House for two years!

Breanna Dietrich

Favorite Memory:
Living on campus

Mai Do

Isabella Doolittle

Favorite Memory:
Going to Iceland with Professors Gunnoe and Rasmussen.

Erin Dwan

Favorite Memory:
My favorite memory at AQ is my time working at the Writing Center!

Montana Earegood

Colby Elder

Emily Emerson

Stacy Fellows

Winter Fricke

Esperanza Garcia

Favorite Memory:
Being able to meet so many amazing people in my academic and social spheres!

Bridget Gibley

Favorite Memory:
Working in the Writing Center, hanging out with the other interns and ADS in the Women's Studies Center, and spending a semester in Ireland with the TC12!

Nicholas Godi

Catalina Gomez

Christina Gonzalez

Traxton Gordon

Zachary Haines

Favorite Memory:
Winning the national championship in Columbus and the memories shared with all my teammates.

Jayna Hambrick

Favorite Memory:
Classes with Sister Kane

Audrey Hannah

Favorite Memory:
Being one of the top 10 finalists for the Academy of American Poets Prize for SAMPLER 29, working at the Writing Center, and adventures in Gaslight Village at 2 A.M.

Madalyn Hanson

Favorite Memory:
Meeting up with friends in the library and commuter lounge, sharing many laughs. watching the seasons change on our beautiful campus. Getting to know all of the Education professors, love them all.

Grayson Harding

Hannah Hazelbach

Cassandra Herrington

Satchel Horton

Angelic Houston

Sierra Howes

Favorite Memory:
Creating relationships that will last a lifetime

Zachary Hufnagel

Isabelle Huisman

Lukas Isenga

Andrew Jaimon

Emily Jeynes

Rebecca Johnson

Noah Kellogg

Favorite Memory:
Being an orientation leader for 4 years.

Brittany Klemish

Favorite Memory:
My favorite memories were made working out with Joi, watching TV shows with Isabel and Jasmine, reading poetry with Brittany M., and living with my best friend Klarie.

Karla Kolean

Elizabeth Konarzewski

Karissa Lantz

James Laramy

Nicholas Lenz

Jiaqi Lin

Nathan Maurer

Caitlin Miller

Rabecea Montgomery

Mitchell Mulroy

Kayla Nguyen

Jane Noah

Alyssa Noch

Allison O'Connell

Favorite Memory:
Going through the Confirmation process with Father Stan as my sponsor and being chosen to do the May Crowing! Also late nights spent with friends, fours years of Friendsgiving, and swinging on the swings in Wilcox Park!

Klarie Ojenus

Haruka Onodera

Isabella Ouellette

Favorite Memory:
I met THE BEST people during my time here at Aquinas. I love the family that I was lucky enough to find on this campus :)

Janna Pant

Favorite Memory:
2019 homecoming

Tiffany Patrick

Favorite Memory:
Enjoyed walking the campus!

Harumi Patzy

Alyssa Pickle

Danielle Porter

Sena Precious

Favorite Memory:
At Aquinas College, I blossomed as a human being.
The obstacles I experienced allowed personal growth & strength.
I found deep truths in our world.
If you can't fly, run. If you can't run, walk. If you can't walk, crawl. By all means, keep moving.
To a higher zone, you are not alone. (((808)))

Laura Reese

Ian Reul

Francesca Robinson

Favorite Memory:
Meeting the wonderful faculty and students

Kaitlin Rohloff

Tea Romanowski

Anna Rose

Favorite Memory:
Late nights working on Halloween costumes, homework parties, bus rides downtown, skating at Rosa Parks Circle, wandering the Eastown street fair, Sampler launches, working in the scene shop, attending campus and club events, swing dancing, studying in London and Ireland, and New Forms Class Exhibits

Margaret Rose

Favorite Memory:
Choir concerts, club meetings, campus events. Saturday morning cartoon watching parties and 10 pm study parties. Working in the Writing Center and Peer Tutoring. Sewing Halloween costumes, going on spring walks in Eastown, baking crappleberry pie at 1 am. There are too many memories to count.

Aubrey Ruiz

Stephen Rumler

Alexa Rumohr

Abigail Safago

Mariana Santos

Emily Sapak

Favorite Memory:
Being a member of the Cheer team for 4 years and ultimately finding some of my best friends through the program. Also, my time spent living in apartment 301 with some amazing ladies.

Elizabeth Schoof

Favorite Memory:
Working in the Writing Center, writing for The Saint, and my semester in Ireland!

Emily Scott

Anna-JO Stuart

Jacob Sweet

Nell Szymanski

Sydney Theis

Meghan Thornton

Laurel Timmer

John VanWeezel

Samuel Verburg

Simon Vernon

Mackenzie Walters

Favorite Memory:
Being a part of OAR and Homecoming each year!

Samuel Werner

Kyprii Whitney

Favorite Memory:
All of it!

Frenisha Wiggins

Favorite Memory:
Being the oldest in every class

Camaryia Williams

Favorite Memory:
Being apart of the Women’s Basketball Team and being one of the best rebounders and breaking the single season rebounding record

Nicholas Young

Bachelor of Arts in General Education

Marisa Alvarado

Grant Cook

Kevin Douglas

David Flowers

Amy Grant

Neil Harold

Favorite Memory:
Tully Cross, Ireland

Robin Housekeeper

Kathleen Raab

Lindsey Slater

Favorite Memory:
Creating the Early Childhood Club and working with Dr. Nkechy Ezeh.

Ashton Spicer

Ingrid Vredevoogd

Favorite Memory:
Completing my ESLPracticum at San Juan Diego!

Cynthia Warner

Desiree Webb

Jordan Westlund

Bachelor of Music Education

Jamie Purkovic

Bachelor of Professional Accountancy

Max Berry

Favorite Memory:
Winning ACHA DIII National Championship in 2017, and the NAIA in 2018.

Korey Clark

Maddison Davis

Favorite Memory:
Service Learning Trips! They epitomize the four pillars of Aquinas College outside the classroom. It has been these service trips that have given me my fondest memories from my time at Aquinas being able to explore New Orleans, LA; Acadia National Park; and the Christian Appalachian Project.

Madeleine Gaca

Grant Hengesbach

Favorite Memory:
Service learning trips, campus-wide hide-and-seek, 5am IHOP runs, sitting on Meijer Hall with my lawn chair, IMs

Jacob Hufnagel

Favorite Memory:
Being apart of an LLC with the boys.

Jonathan Krupa

Karly Morris

Benjamin Plackowski

Sean Reamer

Favorite Memory:
Playing basketball in the Round Bowl.

Conner Sajan

Mackenzie Sanders

Jeff Weir

Bachelor of Science

Emily Adams

Favorite Memory:
As a member of the Women’s Soccer team, my favorite memory was winning the WHAC championship my senior year.

Kirsten Andrews

Benjamin Arnson

Nicholas Bacheller

Zachary Barnes

Sara Boersma

Bailey Brown

Jordan Buckingham

Jade Burch

Francesco Calabrese

Nicholas Cardwell

Kevin Clinthorne

Delaney Coldiron

Favorite Memory:
Traveling and performing at nationals with my team.

Ashley Cooper

Madalyn Crawford

Favorite Memory:
Studying abroad with my best friend. I visited so many places in the world and I’m so glad I got to do it with my friend by my side. We had such an amazing semester.

Aria Cusenza

Nicole Diekema

Favorite Memory:
Wege sits with my friends and teammates talking about life, sports, or picking on each other. It was a time when we could take a step back from being student-athletes and relax.

Svetlana Djirackor

Favorite Memory:
Too many to list but shout out to Au Grat Tim crew (they know themselves)

Atilla Erhan

Eunice Eyamba

Joshua Fischer

Bailey Freeland

Favorite Memory:
Making new friends and being part of the first critical thinking badge program

Benjamin Galat

Favorite Memory:
2:00 am Grand Coney.

Spencer Graham

Favorite Memory:
Winning the 2017 ACHA DIII National Championship, and 2018 NAIA Championship

Lauren Haggart

Favorite Memory:
My favorite memory at Aquinas was being on the co-ed competitive cheer team. Being on the team was the best experience of my college career. I am so grateful for the incredible experience I got to be a college athlete, and continue my passion. I will miss my coaches and my amazing teammates. #C2GFAO

Kelsey Hall

Hailey Jack

Favorite Memory:
All the events and hanging out with my friends

Morgan Jewell

Megan Jones

Favorite Memory:
Winning indoor conference and all the laughs with my friends i’ve made at AQ!

Aimee Judd

Favorite Memory:
Late nights studying in the Saint Joe's laundry room.

Edward Kaleel

Michael Kalinowski

Reece Karns

Taylor LaBine

Matthew Lazzar

Angelo León

Kate Liberacki

Marisa Loya

Favorite Memory:
Meeting all of the friends I have made, all of the memories I have with Gigi and Mia, and all the trips to AZ

Mia Loya

Favorite Memory:
Meeting so many amazing people

Maxwell Ludka

Maria Maguire

Favorite Memory:
Camping under the stars on a trip to Nevada, Arizona, and Utah with SLE

Richard Martin

Connor Matulaitis

Favorite Memory:
Being apart of the hockey programs first national championship down in Columbus

Emmett McDaniel

Nathan McKeown

Kaitlyn Moore

Favorite Memory:
Traveling abroad for a semester in Ireland and creating long lasting friendships!

Olivia Nichols

Kelly Nickson

Steven Nisbet

Alexandria Payton

Trisha Phillips

Ericka Prichard

Anna Repesh

Favorite Memory:
Living in Sis Millie’s

Juliette Rickel

Emma Robertson

Lauren Sanford

Samantha Schaller

Favorite Memory:
All the late night game nights with my friends!

Cristina Scheuerman

Favorite Memory:
Being on the bowling team for 4 years and meeting some amazing people that I now consider some of my closest friends!

Alyssa Schwartz

Rachel Smith

Favorite Memory:
The encouragement and support of faculty and students, which motivated me to become the first person in my family to complete college!

Ty Smith

Favorite Memory:
The four months I spent in Ireland! I learned and changed so much in such a short amount of time.

Stefanie Smoes

Zachary Snyder

Alessandra Sorenson

Favorite Memory:
Having the best roommate all four years!

Sean Spratt

Emma Steckelberg

Favorite Memory:
Working on research with Dr. Joyce Oates!

Mason Theile

Melissa Varacalli

Katherine Vitella

Giavonna Ward

Favorite Memory:
Meeting all the incredible people that are here. AQ has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual and has given me my best friends (shout out the twins) and I’ll always be grateful for that. Also anytime I was in the 47 basement.

Mitchell Weber

Amanda Wells

Danielle Wilde

Taylor Wilson

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

Jessica Herta

Jacob Holt

Madison Lane

Margaret O'Neil

Dylan Pavka

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Keith Auchterlonie

Favorite Memory:
AQ Soccer

Travis Barrington

Connor Barta

Favorite Memory:
Winning the Men's Hockey D3 National Championship

Alexander Bartholomew

Favorite Memory:
Spikeball with the boys

Ian Bergel

Jacob Bolek

Favorite Memory:
Winning the intramural basketball championship two years in a row.

Nicholas Brzezinski

Favorite Memory:
My favorite memory can’t be described as a single moment. However, playing baseball with some of the best guys I have ever met has changed my life. These four years have been filled with happiness, hard work, and passion.

Martin Calvillo

Favorite Memory:
Aquinas Homecoming '19

Celeste Cantwell

Favorite Memory:
Being part of the AQ coed cheer team #C2GFAO.

Yun-Seo Choi

Christian Cortés

Favorite Memory:

Samuel Cunningham

Anna Curcuru

Branko Davidovic

Molly Denny

Makhaila Dudley

Favorite Memory:
I have loved every minute while working for the women's hockey team. I loved spending time with the team in the locker room before practices, sitting rinkside to watch the players skate while working on homework, Starbucks trips before games, and bus trips to games.

Brandy Duiven

Emily Durkee

Olivia Esch

Kelsie Fischer

Colin Fjelstul

Favorite Memory:
Building connections for life

Matthew Fosdick

Favorite Memory:
Making life-long memories with my friends on service trips (CAP & Acadia), throwing a baseball in the rain, and running with my teammates!

Gabrielle Fournier

Favorite Memory:
Spending the past 4 years playing hockey with my best friends.

Kelli Fridsma

Favorite Memory:
Meeting my best friends and all the memories that have followed that!

Michael Garcia

Stephanie Gray

Favorite Memory:
My study abroad in Ireland

Lindsay Grover

Corbett Haley

William Haran

Sierra Haynes

Jacqueline Henderson

Tyra Hunter

Alejandro Ibanez-Rangel

Madeline Ingraham

Rongrong Jiang

Favorite Memory:
Every moment is precious

Andrew Judd

Matthew Kloska

Luke Kneeshaw

Emily Kolenda

Favorite Memory:
Study Abroad Semester

Todd Krolewski

Austin Kuch

Sara Lackey

Arik LaFave

Colette Lark

Lucas Larson

Gerald Lathan

Adam Leegwater

Favorite Memory:
Being able to watch myself and my friends grow into the people that we are

Beau LePage

Gabriel Lett

Favorite Memory:
The power outages.

Deshawn Lewis

Calvin Lind

Favorite Memory:
Meeting all the wonderful people!

George Lloyd

Taylor Lonergan

Ruben Lopez

Matthew MacGregor

Katelyn Macksoud

Briana Mairose

Favorite Memory:
Being part of the softball program and being so accepted transferring in my junior year. I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people.

James Malakowsky

McKenna Maltby

Catherine Mark

Jenelle McCoy

Maycie McGowan

Grace Meachum

Zane Moothart

Norma Moreno

Aaron Moskovitz

Tomoya Nakagawa

Favorite Memory:
Played baseball with my best teammates!

Esther Okwor

Olivia Orlando

Anya Pallas

Michael Raymond

Hunter Reed

Favorite Memory:
Living in sister Mildred Hawkins

Gregory Rogers

Corgan Shepard

Lukas Simonds

Matthew Sinthasomphone

Jenna Smith

Kyle Sousley

Caleb Sportell

Olivia Sullivan

Favorite Memory:
My favorite memory at Aquinas is the nights that were spent playing hilarious games and having late-night conversations with my best friends. I wouldn't trade these moments for the world.

James Swanton

Favorite Memory:
History Club’s Monty Python, AQ’s Got Talent, and getting to work on projects for AQ Sound.

Julia Uturo

Aaron Whaley

Bachelor of Science in International Business

Sarah Cross

Keely Siegel

William Uecker

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Business

Megan Cramer

Emmanuel Ibarra

William Libs

Rachel McCurdy

Favorite Memory:
I’ve had so many amazing experiences thanks to my time at AQ. My peers, teammates, professors, residents, and best friends have made my time at AQ so incredibly memorable. So, to them, and to the opportunities and the memories that AQ has provided to me, I am so grateful.

Anastasia Tafelsky

Favorite Memory:
The late night visits to Spoonlickers.

Carmen Tucci

Dylan Visockis

Bachelor of Science in Translation and Interpretation

Haley Jett

Master in Education

Raymond Antel

Sean Briggs

Ashley Messier

Matthew Russell

Master in the Art of Teaching

Elena Andrade

Favorite Memory:
Collaborating with other teachers and the opportunity to learn from professional professors. Everyone at Aquinas is very friendly and welcoming!

Ashley Bak

Favorite Memory:
Collaborating with other teachers and sharing our experiences with each other.

Ashley Bartley

Brittany Dietz

Samantha Gibson

Jolyn Graham-Gillis

Vonda Karnazes

Allison Kolean

Aline Le

Charon Leal

Favorite Memory:
Virtual worklabs during the Covid-19 shutdown.

Casey Longo

Nicole Ludwig

Samantha Parks

Abigail Shotwell

Kurt Steiner

Master of Arts in Counseling

Robert Eggleston

Favorite Memory:
The friendships and professional relationships I made through the mental health counseling program.

Mary Thornsen

Master of Management

Kristie Beech

Kasey Delinsky

Scott Doney

Marc Grossman

Aljenis Hernandez

Favorite Memory:
My favorite part was the availability of the facilities and accessibility—the library was my best place.

Jason Hess

Rachel Horos

Favorite Memory:
The friends I made through the MM program was one of the best parts! We studied at coffee shops, worked through tough classes and assignments, and celebrated each victory together!

Elizabeth Ingraham

Favorite Memory:
My favorite AQ memory is of the 2016 'We All Live Here Day' when we spread mulch in the wooded area between the Academic Building and Our Lady Seat of Wisdom. It was hard work, but benefited the entire campus. We were proud.

Matthew Jacobson

Sara Karasinski

Jack McCarren

Andrejs Ruperts

LeAnn Secord

Favorite Memory:
The new mentors I have found in my professors and the incredible friendships I have formed with my classmates (you know who you are). I will also never forget the Play-Doh exercise in Professor Schuler's class or the incredible Group Dynamics experience with Professor DiVita.

Stephanie Spratling