Waste Water Redefined


We are a University of Alaska spinout company, focused on developing and building capacity to support developed and developing nations and communities in water and sanitation-related activities for wet waste, desalination, wastewater, recycling, sustainable energy, reuse technologies that save water, and increase energy efficiency.

Our technology couples both supercritical water (sH2O) technology with advanced additive manufacturing (AM) to develop cost-effective wet-waste treatment solutions capable of cleaning and desalinating a variety of industrial effluents.

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Nigel Sharp - CEO / Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur and technologist, and Techstars Alum, he has held successive Entrepreneur in Residence roles at the University of Colorado Boulder, and the University of Alaska successfully spinning out CU Boulder IP previously attracting SBIR and Venture Capital through multiple rounds of funding. Mr. Sharp has experience with metal centric manufacturing and rapid prototyping/3D printing.

Jonathan Kamler - CTO / Co-Founder

Mr. Kamler’s research focuses on sH2O processing of wet-waste. Mr. Kamler has extensive calorimetric and gas-analysis instrumentation experience for harsh, combustive environments, part of which has been conducted under a DOE CRADA with NETL. Mr. Kamler is also a DOE Dawnbreaker SBIR Phase Zero Alum and NSF I-Corp alum.

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