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Below you will find a video series on how to create Google Forms

Overview | Getting Started | Naming & Intelligent Questions | Question Types | Enhancement | Add Logic & Validation | Settings & Options | Quizes & View Responses

Overview of Google Forms

Google Forms 2017 Getting Started

This video helps you get started with Google Forms utilizing the version as of summer 2017.

Google Forms 2017 Naming Your Form and Intelligent Questions

Learn how to name your form and your document as well as the built in intelligence as you type in your questions.

Google Forms 2017 Question Types

Short answer, long answer, multiple choice and more are your options as you create your Google Form.

Preview and Enhance Your Google Form

As you are creating your form it's nice to preview it and see what your participants will be seeing. With the current version of Forms you can add images and video to your form.

Adding Logic and Validation to Your Google Form

You may find yourself in a scenario where you want to ask different questions based on the answer of another question. This video demonstrates how to create this logic and how to create validations so your participant provides the right information.

Changing Settings & Adjusting More Options

This video takes you through the different settings available in Google forms, along with "More" options.

Making a Quiz & Viewing Responses

A new feature to Google Forms is the Quiz feature. It allows you to set points as well as the correct answer. It allows for automatic grading and notification to the partipant.

Also we look at the different ways you can view the responses you receive from your quiz.