Charges on Your Account


Overall Charges Charges for Most Undergraduate Students Special Circumstance Charges

"Charges" include everything from your tuition and dining plan to a parking fine from Campus Safety. Most offices on campus have the ability to place a charge on your account, which will be added to the amount that you are required to pay to APU in order to keep your account current.

There are a few charges that you can expect to see on your account each semester. To make sure your account changes as little as possible, review your account to be sure that each of these appear. (The health insurance fee may not appear if you have already waived it.) Get more information on these charges by clicking here.

  • Tuition (The amount will adjust to reflect changes that are made to your schedule that drop you below 12 units or bring you above 18 units.)
  • University Service fee (Covers utilities such as WiFi, Campus Safety accessibility, etc.)
  • APU health insurance premium (You can waive this fee with proof of insurance.)
  • New Student Orientation fee (one-time charge during your first semester)

The next group of charges are common to most undergraduate students and will appear each semester, but you will need to sign up for them in advance. To make sure that your account changes as little as possible, review your account to be sure that any of these that apply to you appear on your account activity.

  • Housing fee (must be signed up for campus housing)
  • Dining plan (must be signed up for a meal plan - not automatic!)
  • Parking permit (must be signed up for a permit to park on campus through Campus Safety)

The final group of charges may be placed on your account if you meet the special circumstance listed. If you know that any of these apply to you, review your account to be sure that they have been listed on your activity. These can appear at any time during the year.

  • Course fee (if you sign up for a class with a fee - usually classes with labs or art components)
  • Music lesson fee (if you sign up for music lessons)
  • Independent Study fee (if you register for an independent study course)
  • Parking fine (if you receive a parking ticket from Campus Safety)
  • Intent to Graduate fee (one-time charge once you are within a year of graduation and have submitted the Intent to Graduate form to One Stop)