Permission Codes: What, When, How?

How to use a Permission Code:

  1. Obtain Permission Code from your instructor or department

  2. Insert the permission code when adding the class to your shopping cart

Top 5 Things to Know about Permission Codes

  1. Permission codes can only be given out by professors and academic departments

  2. Professors and academic departments are not required to give you a permission code

  3. A permission code can only be used once

  4. Most permission codes expire in 24 hours, so use it right away!

  5. Each permission code can give three types of permissions (closed class, instructor/department consent and/or requisites not met) or any combination of the three(see below for more information)

Permission Code Uses

Here are three reasons you would need a permission code:

  1. Closed class: If the class is closed but you have been given permission to enroll

  2. Instructor/Department Consent: If the class description has "instructor/department consent"

  3. Requisites not met: If you have not met all of the prerequisites for the class, but the Department Dean or Chair have given you permission take it anyway