Mission: To empower others to develop mental skills that enhance self-awareness, performance, and a deeper sense of life purpose.

Paul Saville PhD, CSCS, Pn1

Coaching Philosophy

While most coaches spend their time teaching you about the concept of "good" nutrition or the benefits of the "ideal mindset," I take the time to learn about your current habits, situation, and greatest individual needs.

This client-centered approach allows us to explore which practical skills would be most suitable and effective for helping you make progress toward your goals in a way that actually works for you - long term.

Rather than offering quick tips, mental hacks, or simple shortcuts we invest our time in practicing foundational mental skills to foster a mindset that will serve you in all aspects of your performance and overall well-being.

As a behavior change expert, who specializes in training both the mind and body, I pride myself on meeting people where they're at and supporting them through the process of change.

Whether your goals are to improve health, performance, or happiness, I firmly believe a growth mindset and commitment to persistent daily action are the essential ingredients to all great successes.

With proper guidance and support, I believe clients are fully capable of developing and sustaining a mindset that will enable them to thrive in the most challenging situations while finding joy in the on-going process of self-discovery.

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