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The 2017 International Conference

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why we need to go for this conference?

If tchoukball is good, we need to written to let people know. why is good? how can it help students?

We are few people doing this work to written. so few people know tchoukball. It is time for us to written and discuss about our future.

IF those PE professor see tchoukball. i'm sure they will like it. Those professor maybe making all sport project for PE in your school. and if they think tchoukball is good. they will like to help.

During the WBTC2017, 15th-18th 4 days event. Just 16th-17th in the middle time.we have tchoukball and sport conference. Wish all of our players and NF representy come to know our future.

I will doing speech about Gobal Tchoukball Now and also chiara,julio,silver,asu,pierre, many people will discuss our future too.

who come for opening in 16th am9:00-12:00 ,will get a lottery to drop a special and limit of tchoukball.

wish you are lucky enough.



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WBTC2017 TIME PLAN--share all NF