Future Award

BAA Level 1: Future Award

The national FBLA-BAA website states: "The BAA Future level focuses on basic business skills, introduces your members to community service, and emphasizes the importance of FBLA involvement at the local level.

Recognition: Pins presented at a chapter awards ceremony or FBLA event

Deadline: March 1

Preview: Future Award Activities " (FBLA-PBL,2019).


Activity #1 (Required) : Communications/Service Learning

Donate five (5) hours of service to an educational or service organization.

Activity #2 (Required): Communications/FBLA Organization and National Programs

Prepare a bulletin board or display promoting FBLA.

Activity #8: Service Learning

Create a promotional flyer for the Hurricane Dorian Service Project


Activity 9 (Required): Technology/FBLA Organization and National Programs

Complete the FBLA Knowledge Quiz with a score of 92 percent or higher.

Activity 10 (Required): Create an online leadership profile at www.tallo.com/fbla.Export a link of your updated profile from Tallo. Upload the link of your profile.

Activity #12: Career Awareness and Exploration

List at least 5 goals (related to school, career, and personal) and include

a description of how you plan to accomplish each one.


Activity 17 (Required): Communications/FBLA Organization and National Programs -Bring a friend who is a nonmember to a local chapter FBLA meeting.

Activity 18 (Required): Communications/FBLA Organization and National Programs -Attend at least three (3) local chapter meetings and prepare a one-page paper that includes the date of each meeting and a bulleted list of meeting highlights.

Activity #23: Communications/Technology

Text five (5) friends and invite them to the next FBLA meeting.

Activity #24: Communications

Prepare an invitation for students to attend the next FBLA meeting.