Website 4 Class

  • Essential Question: How do you create a website for class?
  • It-IDT Standard 8.1 Understand and apply design principles to create professional appearing and functioning web pages

Go to

to create-edit your website

The site name should be "lastname"_"course section" Intro to Digital Technology

Example: Tanner_1A Intro to Digital Technology

Your website should include the following pages at this time:

  • Home (The title of your homepage should be "Introduction to Digital Technology)
  • Introduction
  • Blog Page
  • Vocabulary
  • ​IT-IDT Standards with the IDT standards from the syllabus on the syllabus page of this site.
  • ​IT-IDT Standard 1 thru IT-IDT Standard 11 (subpages) standards - with the IT-IDT standards from the syllabus.