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I am Markeya Price and I will be working with you this year as you sharpen your skills and learn Algebra 1. I am a graduate of Fort Valley State University. I obtained my Undergrad degree in Mathematics and am now studying for a degree in Mathematics/Education at Clayton State University. I believe that it is easier to learn things that interest you. My job is to make math interesting in order to give students the best opportunity to learn and form a love for Math.

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Please review the links below with directions for students to access their Zoom accounts. DO NOT USE MYBACKPACK TO ACCESS ZOOM.

Zoom Student Account (Chromebook): http://tinyAPS.com/?zonc

Zoom Student Account (iPad/Cellphone): http://tinyAPS.com/?zic

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Class overview

According to Georgia Standards of Excellence, the fundamental purpose of Algebra I is to deepen and extend understanding of functions by investigating linear, quadratic, and exponential occurrences in order to make use of students' ability to make sense of problem situations.

Grade Category Weights

Homework: 5%

Summative Assessments: 20%

Classwork/Quizzes: 30%

Performance Tasks: 25%

Cumulative Final Exam: 20%

Price Fall '21 Foundations of Algebra Syllabus.docx
Price Fall '21 Algebra 1 Syllabus.docx

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1st period - Algebra 1: dgwh2jf

2nd period - Algebra 1: zmxe66h

3rd period - Algebra 1: xtk5xhc

Price's Advisory: 5xtcqtj