About Us - Office of Student Assignment & Records

Welcome to the Office of Student Assignment & Records

The Student Assignment & Records Office provides leadership, support, and guidance to APS's processes relative to enrollment & registration, student transfers, and student records management.

The Office of Student Assignment & Records:

  • Coordinates district enrollment and registration activities, establishes effective registration procedures, and monitors school enrollment practices to ensure efficiency and consistency in helping families with the APS enrollment processes.

  • Facilitates student transfers including school choice transfers (HB 251), student of employee transfers, and hardship transfers.

  • Provides district-wide leadership in the effective management of student records, and fulfills alumni requests for student records, transcripts, and educational verifications.

Cory Edwards

Director, Office of Student Assignment & Records

Email | 404-802-2232

Johnnetta Johnson

District Central Registrar | Email | 404-802-2153

Khiray Richards

Student Residency Specialist | Email | 404-802-2153

Diana Larsen

Administrative Assistant | Email | 404-802-2157

Lisa Johnson

Student Records Specialist | Email | 404-802-2152

Jefferey Holmes

Student Records Specialist | Email | 404-802-2159