The AHS Record

Albuquerque High School History

Written by: John Sais

According to the KOB 4 website which tells us the history of our school, Albuquerque High School was founded in 1879 as a private academy near Albuquerque’s Old Town Plaza. According to Dekker/Perich/Sabatini website, the architect of the private lofts that restore the old school, tells us the history of our old AHS building that in 1914 Albuquerque High School opened its doors to a three story building in Downtown Albuquerque. In 1974 the school moved again to where we are today between Odelia Road and Interstate 25 in the Santa Barbara/Martineztown area. The old building is now referred as Old Albuquerque High School. The old building was abandoned, falling apart and faced demolition. Today the old three story building are now private lofts. It still stands strong today in Downtown Albuquerque between Broadway Boulevard and Central Ave.