Providing the Albuquerque Public Schools community with timely, accurate, and actionable information.

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APS Dashboard

As a service to the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Community, Strategic Analysis & Program Research (SAPR) maintains the APSDashboard which includes visualizations on topics including: enrollment, demographics, graduation rates and standardized test scores.

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APS Internal Visualizations

Figuring out how to best serve our students often requires exploring data in multiple ways. With an Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) account, APS staff can view internal visualizations designed to aide in this process.

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SAPR School Profiles

School profiles have been designed to give the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Community the ability to look at schools individually as well as to compare multiple schools at once.

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Educator Evaluation Training and Resources

Your hub for information about the district's teacher evaluation system (deadlines, dates for training, etc.), as well as technical support for the Frontline system.

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SAPR Publications

In addition to producing and maintaining public visualizations for the Albuquerque Public Schools Community, SAPR publishes research briefs, program evaluations and reports on a number of topics. Typically, these publications come out of requests from the Board of Education, Superintendent or the larger community.

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Data Blog

Keep up with the thoughts and ideas of the Strategic Analysis & Program Research (SAPR) team and view some of the team's most frequently requested data points.

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Can't make it to one of our Versifit trainings? Interested in viewing a brown bag on the latest data analyses and program evaluations being conducted in APS? This is the place to tune in.

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AskSAPR Live Support

Having trouble finding the information you are looking for? Need help navigating one of the SAPR visualizations? Or would you prefer to talk to someone live instead of sending an email? We are here to help. Join us in the AskSAPR Live Support Google Meet.

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