Mrs. Barreras' a.k.a. Mrs. B's Math Class

Personal Mission Statement

As a teacher of mathematics, my beliefs concerning my role in the life of each student who passes through my door is as follows:

  • I will have high expectations of my students at all times.
  • I will set a good example and be a good role model at all times.
  • I will be fair and consistent in my expectations and judgements.
  • I will provide a positive learning atmosphere on a daily basis so all students feel welcome and safe.
  • I will be sensitive to the needs of my students.
  • I will help my students learn responsibility, good judgement, and good citizenship, in addition to mathematics.
  • I will provide opportunities outside of class for students to obtain extra help if they want to.
  • I will pass on to them the importance of having a good mathematics "toolbox" to carry with them to their future learning and life experiences. They may never need some of their "tools", but at least they will have them if they do.
  • I will be patient, kind, and have a sense of humor, and hope they will learn from my example.

On a final note, I hope that when students exit my class, they know that I truly care about each of them, and I hope I have done my part in helping them become good citizens as well as better mathematicians.

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My Schedule

1st: Advisory/RTI

2nd: Math 7 ACC

3rd: Math 8 ACC

4th: Algebra 1

5th: Math 7 ACC

6th: Math 7 ACC

7th: Prep