Mr. Martin, NBCT

8th Grade US History, Desert Ridge Middle School

NM PED Social Studies "Dream Team" Curriculum Writer, 2019/20

New Mexico Public Education Department Top 10 Teachers of the Year, 2018/19

GLI State History Teacher of the Year, 2017/18

GLI Top 10 History Teacher in the Nation, 2017/18

Golden Apple Awardee/Fellow

New Mexico Teacher of the Year, Top 10, 2018/19

Google Certified Educator

Teachers for Global Classrooms Fellow

Student/Parent Travel Program Leader

In the News:

Class Calendar


Student Created Government Project (Due Tuesday, January 22)


Seeds of Revolution Flow Map (Due Friday, December 7)

Proclamation of 1763 Close Reading (Due Friday, November 16)

13 Colonies Map (Due Monday, November 12)

Pilgrims Children's Book (Due Friday, November 9)

Columbus Day Model Ships Due Monday, October 8 (Columbus Day)

Pocahontas/Jamestown Project (See Google Classroom for Details) - DUE TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9

"Blue Bird" Roanoke Island Book Report (Extra Credit - Due October 5)

YOUR Family Tree (Extra Credit - Due October 5)

Roanoke Island History Mystery Short Story, Final Week of September

Tudor Family Tree (Due October 1)

STUDENT PLAY PROJECT DUE Tuesday, September 4, 2018 (See Google Classroom for Rubric)

Columbus: Primary and Secondary Source Packet, September 5 - 13 (found on Google Classroom after September 5)

Quiz 1: 8/22/2018 (follow the link below)

Student Contract and Parent Letter: Due Friday, August 17, 2018

Student/Parent Information Survey (follow link below)