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6th Grade Social Studies with Mr. Starr



857-9282 ext. 33834

Room 114

Starr Social Studies

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1st period - 1 Starr - hsiok25

2nd period - 2 Starr - k72e4sc

3rd period - 3 Starr - oxbe3ly

4th period - 4 Starr - ff5b46q

5th period - 5 Starr - el3sbek

Advisory Starr - frz6mzc


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All about the class - Ancient Civilizations and Cultures

6th grade Social Studies is a survey of geography, world cultures and ancient civilizations. We will begin by studying geography and the roots of civilization and progress from the Fertile Crescent to the Middle Ages over the course of the year. A variety of special activities and projects will be used to enrich the textbook materials and to meet the needs of all students.

I deeply appreciate your commitment to ensure your child has the best possible learning experiences while at Desert Ridge. The skills and knowledge learned this year in my class will be reinforced and strengthened by the seventh and eighth grade teachers at Desert Ridge. We strive to build upon a program that prepares your child for classes in high school, as well as life in general!

All about Mr. Starr

It is my pleasure to welcome you and your child to Desert Ridge Middle School. My name is Don Starr and I will be teaching 6th grade Social Studies. This will be my 14th year at DRMS. I earned my M.A. degree in Education from The College of Santa Fe in 2005 and my B.A. in History from UNM in 2003. I am very eager to work with you and your child and the wonderful staff at DRMS. My goals this year are to help your child make a successful transition to middle school, and to provide them with the skills, knowledge, and understandings they will need to be successful students at the secondary level and beyond.

I am the Head Coach of the Girls Basketball teams. Pictured - 2016 1st Place Championship Team!