Reading, Writing and Declaring Independance!

7th Grade English Language Arts

Study Skills

8th Grade US History

For School Year 2018-19 Mr. Barnett's students will be exploring their "Why" so that they can understand their "What".

Understanding our "Why" (as in why a person is the way they are) helps us understand the "What" of who we are and "What" we choose to do today, tomorrow and in the future.

My room is a safe place for students where they can develop and practice their educational goals with help and guidance from my almost 34 years of teaching. My students are from diverse backgrounds and can share and help each other to develop a deep level of understanding of not just the curriculum but of why they are the way they are, and what they are...unique and valuable. Embedded in this understanding is the rigor of learning and becoming educated. My definition of being educated: Having the ability to teach yourself through the use of Reading, Writing, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

My students consistently are responsible, compassionate and enthusiastic about self-improvement and achievement.