Mr. Boldt Algebra-2

Hello and welcome to math success.

My name is Kenneth Boldt, and I am a retired nuclear and aerospace engineer from Sandia National Labs. This is my second year teaching math at MHS. In my first year, I instructed freshman in Algebra-1. This year I am teaching Algebra-2 primarily to sophomores and juniors. As an ex-engineer, I understand the significance math serves for careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). I also appreciate the fact that not every student will pursue a STEM-related career. Therefore, my goal will always be to make advanced math as understandable as possible for all students. To that end, I will try to prioritize math concepts to a few critical fundamentals and simplify those concepts by building on what students already know. Regardless of the subject, my math curriculum is always standards-based, and will prepare students to be successful in future math classes and on the SAT, ACT, PARCC and EOC tests.

Contact me by email: Contact me by phone: (505) 559-2200 ex: 23341

Class Syllabus (download as needed)

Syllabus Alg2 Kenneth Boldt final.doc