Jennifer English - SES I

Social Emotional Support Services Level 1

Instructional emphasis is placed on acquisition, fluency and maintenance of skills in the following areas:

  • Social skills
  • Emotional strategies
  • Self Advocacy
  • Standard Academics

Chip and Ted are red eared slider turtles. They like long swims, meal worms, dried cranberries and the occasional goldfish. (There is no sound in this video)

Meet Your Teachers

Mrs. English - Mrs. English has been working with APS since 2013. Prior to that she was at one of the local charter schools. She lives in the AHA district with her husband, two children and her chihuahua. In her free time she likes to paint and gaming on her PC.

Mrs. Mack - Mrs. Mack has been with APS since 2001, working with special needs students. She enjoys working with children and has been doing so since she was a teenager at Work Unlimited (now YDI). She lives in the South Valley with her husband, son, and cat. She is an avid movie goer and loves relaxing around the house.