Dr. Shimabukuro's Classes

Dr. Karra Shimabukuro


Mustang Academy 122

505.831.6993 West Mesa extension 57014 I check voicemail in mornings

(505) 750-0796 Google Voice Feel free to call or text

Welcome to Dr. Shimabukuro's Class

Each class has its own Google Classroom.

Students can access it by:

  • Logging into their APS Google Accounts (student ID is username, password is the same they use for everything)
  • In top right, click the Rubik's Cube to access Google Apps
  • Choose Classroom
  • In the top right, click the plus sign, then Join Class
  • Enter the class code
    • AP Language: deabq45
    • English 9: iwzn8o7
  • Google Classroom has all our resources:
    • Announcements
    • Assignments
    • Writing portfolios
    • Images of board notes
    • Class calendar: These tell you what we're doing each day in class, has hyperlinked resources, and has links to our class slides, which contain our every day lessons
  • If parents wish to join, just email me

I also send out weekly emails to parents and students through Synergy, so make sure you check Parent/Student Vue regularly.

My room, with computers, is open to students during lunch on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

I also help run Saturday school (on alternating Saturdays), 9a-12p. Students can get caught up, get tutoring, work ahead, use computers, or just have a quiet place to work.

Our class is active in the Remind App. Download the App or sign up online (parents and students).

  • AP Language Join Code: @ga7ghd
  • English 9 Join Code: @cck4e4


  • Some type of notebook (spiral, composition book, your choice)
  • Pens, pencils- use what you want

I expect students to:

  • Come to class prepared. This means work done, or texts read, or ready to participate.
  • Complete work as asked and by deadline.
  • Take responsibility for work, using class calendar, website, and Student Vue.
  • Take advantage of chances to make up missing work, revise writing for a higher grade, and retake tests for a higher grade.

Students and Parents can expect me to:

  • Keep parents and students up to date with deadlines, school activities, and resources.
  • Return all contact within 24 hours during the work week.
    • I check my school voicemail in the morning (505.831.6993 x57014).
    • Email is the best way to reach me during the day karra.shimabukuro@aps.edu
    • If you prefer to be contact through text, please let me know. My number is 505.750.0796
  • Keep them informed with what we're doing in class through communication in Parent/Student Vue and phone calls home.
    • I send out weekly announcements/updates through Synergy.
      • Make sure your email is up to date so you get these announcements.
  • Grade all work as soon as I'm able, and update grades in Synergy (never later than one week from receiving the work).

In our class:

  • We complete most of the work in class, so it's key that students are here every day. If students are absent, it is their responsibility to go onto the class website, check the weekly calendar, and lesson slides, to see what they missed.
  • Students will be given a deadline to get missing work from the current marking period in by in order to raise their grade.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Read 180: English 9 Replacement

Summer Reading

Reading is a skill. It is something that the more you do, the better you get at it.

The West Mesa English department wants you to become life long readers.

To that end, we have Summer Reading. It is optional, but if you want to be considered for prizes, they are due the first day of class. All other assignments count as extra credit.

English 9

AP Language and Composition