Mrs. Buffington's




To: Students, Parents, and or Guardians,

Your student is about to embark on an adventure spanning the history of ancient civilizations that include: Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, Medieval Europe, and the Renaissance. My goal is to teach about the past of our World making history real, relevant, and fun by using different activities and methods. I hope to make your student’s transition to Middle School as simple and enjoyable as possible. To make this transition it is important that your student be prepared and organized; and to do so they will need the following materials in class EVERYDAY:

(Please have the following supplies by 8/20)

- Agenda (will be provided)

- A folder with pockets (for this class only)

- Spiral Notebook (for this class only)

- 2 Sets of Colored Pencils

- 2 Red pens

- Highlighter

- Lined paper (collage ruled or wide ruled)

- Pencil(s)- prefer mechanical

The Agenda will be copied down every Monday with the weekly schedule and vocabulary. Also, in the Agenda grades will be given out WEEKLY (this generally will happen on Monday). Grades will also be accessible through the Internet on ParentVUE. The Agenda is a critical tool to help your student succeed and for you to stay involved in daily activities. Please make sure to look at Agenda DAILY. J

The Grading Scale:

A- 100%-90%

B- 89%-80%

C- 79%-70%

D- 69%-60%

F- 59%- or below

Classwork and Homework:

-Daily students will be working on different assignments. Assignment due dates will be determined based on assignment. Point values will vary.

-If a student is absent they are responsible to request make-up work. Make-up policy is one day to complete for each day absent (ex: If a student was absent on Monday, and returned on Tuesday; their make-up would be due Wednesday).

-Late work will be accepted up to a week, but student will lose partial credit on late assignments.

Quizzes and Tests:

-Students are expected to review the weekly vocabulary terms. Vocabulary will vary by week. Generally, vocabulary words are given on Monday and quiz will be on Friday.

-Unit Tests: 100 points*

*If a student receives a D or below on a test they will be allowed a test redo- this must be signed by parent or guardian and must be returned the day after test has been given back.


The classroom text will be provided to your student and can be left at home, please make sure it is stored COVERED, and in a safe place. Students are responsible for any damages.


1st Semester:

August-September: Geography and Mesopotamia.

September-October: Ancient Egypt

October-November: Ancient India

December: Ancient China (Mid-Term Final over 1st Semester)

2nd Semester:

January-February: Ancient Greece

February-March: Roman Republic and Roman Empire

April: Byzantine and Islam Empires

May: Middle Ages and Renaissance (Final over 2nd Semester)