Keep Calm, It’s Almost Prom

Alisa Meraz-Fishbein

According to the Albuquerque High website, Prom will be held on April 13ththis year. Prom is a school dance for upper classmen (Juniors and Seniors), though lower classmen may attend if invited by an upper classman student. This year Prom will take place at Explora, which is a museum in Old Town Albuquerque, and the dance will occur from 8-11:00 PM. Even though it begins in the evening, students will begin to prepare hours, days, and even weeks before.

The Prom frenzy began on Monday, March 25 at the spirit assembly. It was announced that the prom theme would be Enchanted Garden, and Butch the Bulldog asked Daisy the Bulldog to Prom (she said yes!).

Tickets for the dance are now on sale for twenty-five dollars, though the price will be upped to thirty dollars on Wednesday, April 10th. Tickets can be purchased at the door on Saturday the 13th, though they will cost thirty-five dollars.

Although the actual dance is a week away, the spirit of prom is in full swing. Multiple prom-posals have already occurred, and males and females alike have been seen shopping for their prom attire. Many people go to department stores to purchase clothes, and high schooler Teegan O. has excitedly reported that now many stores will tell students which dresses have already been purchased by someone from their school to avoid repeat dresses being worn.

Some students, primarily females, decide to shop online to avoid the in-store bustle. After surveying female students at Albuquerque High School, it appears that the two most popular online websites to purchase prom attire are Lulus and Fashion Nova. Both of these sites offer quality dresses at a lower price range, and Lulus specifically boasts that it can help “you can slay at prom without killing your budget” (

As the dance approaches, friends begin to form groups and decide pre and post-prom locales. Many students will go out to eat and take pictures beforehand, and then will go to parties after. This year’s Albuquerque High School prom is sure to be a night filled with food, pictures, dancing, and excitement.