Joker Controversy

by Evan Diaz

The movie, Joker was released on October 4th, 2019 and caused some controversy prior to its release. The Joker movie was about a man named Arthur, who really wants to be a stand-up comedian. He suffers from an illness that makes him laugh uncontrollably when he is feeling awkward or uncomfortable. He is treated terribly by most people. The controversy mainly focused on fear of people with mental illnesses mimicking what Joker was doing. “yeah I’m pretty sure some people would mimic him” states Lee Horn, a 9th grader at Albuquerque High School who has watched the Joker movie. Everything takes place in Joker’s perspective, so it may seem as if the movie is glorifying killing people.

The Joker is a movie about Batman’s archnemesis’s and how his mental illness causes him to murder. For example, he kills three kids on a subway because they were making fun of his condition. Many critics who saw the movie early did not give satisfied reviews, according to TIME. Arthur is an antihero in the movie. Though he did murder people, it’s seen as okay because in the end, he becomes a vigilante justice figure. Another reason for all the controversy is that in 2012, a shooting happened during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. This movie takes on themes about shooting and murder, which hasn’t sat well with victims according to The Atlantic.

In response to all of this, New York Times writer, A.O. Scott asks the question: “Are you kidding me?” He calls it “an empty, foggy exercise” because it isn’t interesting enough to start controversy about. It seems as though most critics are disappointed at best with the movie.

The Joker movie on paper is just a movie about Batman’s arch nemesis’s backstory. It’s just how he became The Joker. However, it sparked controversy from critics across the entire country. Did it deserve the controversy? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Bullying Prevention Month at Albuquerque High

Bullying Prevention Month

by Nilay Jones

Most people know the month of October as “Spooky Season”, “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, or simply “Fall”. But this month also stands for an often overlooked problem in our society.

October is Bullying Prevention Month, an international call to address a societal ill that has been around for centuries. An interesting thing about bullying - there is just as much bullying in high school as there is in middle school, as per AHS counselors - Josie Walton and Valerie Santacruz - who have counseled both at the high school and elementary level. Why does bullying seemingly decrease between these two? Well, because it is reported more often in middle school. Although high schoolers tend to be more mature, if someone is getting bullied, they will not act until it is too late, or significant emotional damage has already occurred. One of the reasons bullying is reported less in high school is that many don’t know who to trust. Ms.Dunn has been helping the Student Senate coordinate with the counselors to spread awareness of bullying around the school. She believes that the adults students go to might not know adequately how to approach the situation. When this happens, she says students should keep trying, find a teacher that they trust - or just ask a parent or family member for help. “Our responsibility is to be available to students when they are voicing their concerns. It is the staff’s responsibility to be there for students and to know what to do in that situation. Staff members need to make themselves available. We need to be a welcoming staff for ALL students.”

At Albuquerque High School, faculty and students alike have been working hard to increase awareness of bullying, the effects it has on people , and what to do if you find yourself in a situation that includes bullying. “ Bystanders are part of the problem” says Ms. Walton, AHS counselor. “ We need to be upstanders, people who stand up for others when we witness bullying”. She also added that if you don’t feel comfortable speaking out, go talk to an adult, or just leave. Bystanders are the reaction that the bully is looking for.

It can be hard for a person to know who to trust.

But there is someone out there who can help you.