2 Classes, 1 Garden

Our Mission

The mission of our "2 Classes, 1 Garden" project is to create hands on and inclusive learning experiences for the students of Dennis Chavez Elementary School.

Short Term Goals

  • Fall 2018
    • By Labor Day 2018, 5 raised garden beds will be built and have seeds and sprouts planted. Gardens are cared for by both Ms. Ward's and Mr. Sadler's class daily.
  • Spring 2019
    • Add another Inclusive Garden Plot for another Inclusion Team. (Primary grade.)
    • Plant Spring plants. (All gardens)
    • Herb garden with younger Early Childhood team.
    • Add Flower pots to the classrooms with doors that face outside for another Inclusion Team.
  • Fall 2019
    • Add 2 more Inclusive Garden Plots with Inclusion Classrooms that is handicap accessible.
    • Water Harvesting for our garden.
    • Start a compost bin for the school to help with.

Garden Plot Layouts

Garden Gnome Mascot

Garden Bed #1 is built!

Thanks Caleb for helping build our Garden!

Paper Airplane Experiments

Garden Gnome Mascots

Teams work together to name come up with a Mascot for their garden plots.

Thank you to our sponsors and donors!

Nurse Rhonda

Anderson Family for building our garden 1st plot!