Vimeo petrography

The following petrographic slide collections are available on Vimeo:

These slides do not have any explanations, labels, etc. They are intended to be used for my upper level undergraduate petrology lab due to the COVID-19 closure of Appalachian State University. These passwords will be changed after July 1, 2020. If you require access after July 1, please email me.

Slide videos are taken at 25X magnification; interference figures are at 100X magnification. These magnification values include the video camera's 10X zoom.

Guidelines for use:

I have provided these slides for the use of the petrology teaching community for the duration of the 2020 coronavirus public health emergency. These videos are the intellectual property of the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, and these specific thin sections will be used for my own students exams - both as videos (this semester) and as physical samples in the future. Please use this material responsibly and respectfully and do not duplicate the videos for hosting elsewhere, or post links to them on publicly available servers.

None of these rocks are particularly difficult - they are all fairly common, with common minerals. If you need a key, please contact me directly - but note that I do not have one written yet as I am frantically trying to get the remainder of my classes online.