Sarah Carmichael, Appalachian State University, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
photo by Felix Kunze

Research Interests:

My interests involve reactive fluid flow and mineralization in sedimentary and volcanic systems in both ancient and modern environments, as well as microbially mediated reactions at the Earth's surface. As a National Geographic Explorer, I primarily focus on the geochemistry of mass extinctions and the paleogeography of shale gas development (particularly during the late Devonian), and manganese geomicrobiology of cave deposits and wetlands.

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Note to international students: Appalachian State University's Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences is an undergraduate geology program, and does not have opportunities for graduate students. If you are interested in graduate work with the manganese geomicrobiology research team, you must have a background in microbiology and apply to the MS in Biology program. Please contact Dr. Suzanna Bräuer in the Department of Biology for more information.