Sarah Carmichael, Appalachian State University, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
photo by Felix Kunze

Research Interests:

My interests involve reactive fluid flow and mineralization in sedimentary and volcanic systems in both ancient and modern environments, as well as microbially mediated reactions at the Earth's surface. As a National Geographic Explorer and one of the Explorers Club 50, my fieldwork focuses on the geochemistry of Late Devonian mass extinctions, manganese geomicrobiology of cave deposits and wetlands, and the geochemistry of manganese ores in the Appalachians. My laboratory work associated with these projects involves the analysis of micron-scale mineral textures and the interplay between microbes and minerals. As an Appalachian Studies faculty member, I teach about the environmental impacts and associated politics of energy extraction in Appalachia, from coal to natural gas to lithium to rare earth elements.

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If you are looking for MS/PhD/Postdoc opportunities:  Appalachian State University's Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences is an undergraduate-only program, and does not have positions for graduate students or postdoctoral scholars.  However, I can act as a committee member for MS and PhD students at other universities, if the university allows external faculty to serve on thesis committees.

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