How do I access the distance learning lessons?

    • Link to the PPS-HD Summer Learning Modules icon for centrally created learning activities.

    • Students may need their school username and password to access some activities or applications

How do I find my username or password?

Where can I find additional support?


Read a new ebook from online libraries. Take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian. Create a visual music composition. Practice your math, reading, and spelling skills. Learn why there is sand at the beach. And so much more.

Below students and parents will find a collection of links to additional learning activities. The "CLEVER" icon will link students to a familiar Clever Student Portal with links to many learning applications from the classroom. Clever will require that students log in using their PPS user name ( and password.

The grade level activity links are curated lists of additional fun, creative, and engaging learning activities we believe students will enjoy. Most of these will not require students to log in with their PPS account.

We encourage parents to help students of all ages take some time in the day for learning activities. Read together. Start a daily journal. Research why trees are green. Create your very own board game, complete with instructions and rules.

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