Poetry Unit

Day 1: February 8th or 9th

Check in: What is an object that you love? Maybe you own it or maybe you wish you did (but do you?)

Review Online Norms and rank

"Look" by Nate Marshall


The poetry of personal experience

"Average Black Girl" by Ernestine Johnson

*Beneath the Surface poem:

Devon Hope from Bronx Masquerade







More student models


*Words describing people

Day 2: February 11th or 12th

Check in: One word that describes you on the inside

Bronx Masquerade

Bronx audio on YouTube

Work on Beneath the Surface poems

Share out one line

Beneath the Surface poem due on Monday

No class on the 15th-Presidents' Day

Day 3: February 16th/17th

Check in: Who is someone you would like to give advice to? What advice would you give?

Begin Letter to...Poem

"Knock Knock" by Daniel Beaty

"Knock Knock" text

Letter to....poem

assignment and


Challenge with this poem: Alliteration

”Message to a Friend”(Bronx p. 43)

“A Letter to my Mother”

(Bronx p. 161)

Teacher models:

Ms. McNeil

Mr. Drescher

Student Models



Descriptive Word List

Day 4: February 18th/19th

Check in: Who are you writing your "letter to" poem to?

"Letter To…A Playground Bully" by Andrea Gibson

"Letter to..." Nate Marshall

Work on Letter to poem

Share out one line

Day 5: February 22nd/23rd

Check in: Put one word or two in the chat about how you want to be remembered

"When You Tell My Story" Poem

Ben Payne at Verselandia "Shatter the Lies" 28:06

"Shatter the Lies" by Ben Payne (text)


When You Tell My Story poem:


Pre-Write 1

Pre-Write 2

Day 6: February 25th/26th

Check in: Which poem will you use for your Flipgrid?

Work on "When You Tell My Story" poem

Flipgrid of one of your poems

More poems for your enjoyment

Lucinda Drake at Verselandia 2018

“Five Best and Worst Places to Cry”

Lucinda Poem #2

Lots of Slam

"Shake the Dust" Anis Mojgani

"Your Result" by Lauren Steele


Lauryn Hill “Motives and Thoughts”

"S is for Lisp" George Watzsky