Franklin Poetry Slam 2021

Welcome to Poetry Slam Season!

We are beginning to get ready for our slam this year. We will have a virtual slam club for poetry prompts, inspiration, and a space to share. This is a great place to prepare for the slam or just join a community of writers and poets.

Slam Club

beginning February 10th

Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30

Zoom link:

Franklin Toolbox-Poetry Slam

FHS Slam- Registration Opens today 3/1 and closes 3/16. If we have enough contestants we will run our usual FHS Slam Live on Zoom. Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. You do not have to participate in Virtualandia or Slam Club to participate in FHS Slam, but you must register by 3/16 and participate in 3/17 meeting and 4/7 run through. Registration limited to 20 students. Sign up NOW. If students have questions they can attend our Wednesday Slam group at 12:30 or email Ms. Garrrett , Ms. Vinger or Sunny .

FHS Slam Important Dates

2/10- 3/ 10 Slam Club Zoom Meeting 12:30

3/1-3/16 Registration for FHS Slam


3/31 Workshop

4/1 2 poem drafts submitted to Garrett

4/7 Mandatory Run Through

4/8 FHS Slam Live on Zoom

Virtualandia is produced by Literary Arts.This year the winner receives $1000 gift card. By 3/31 Student must individually submit a self made video recording of their original 3 minute piece. (First 50 to submit get a $15 gift card). 10 poets (out of 300) will be selected to go on to Grand Slam which requires going to a professional studio downtown on 4/16 or 4/17 for professional recording of 2 original poems. Important dates below. Students and educators can get free tickets to the 2021 #Virtualandia! Youth Poetry Slam Championship. Please read Virtualandia Student Handbook carefully for instructions. Must submit 1 video piece by 3/31. Must have 2 pieces to perform in studio on 4/16 or 4/17. They are accepting up to 300 submissions. Lots of great Literary Arts Free Slam Workshops after school led by Julia Gaskill, Alex Dang, Jacque Dixon, Jolly Wrapper. Info session is March 8 at 3:30 Register HERE now for any/all sessions! (click on "select a date" on right side to register) You do not need to submit /commit to Virtualandia to attend workshops but must register.

Virtualandia Important Dates -

3/3-3/15: Free Workshops/ feedback sessions hosted by Literary Arts.

3/12, 3/18, 3/30: More feedback sessions:

3/19-3/31: Submission window* (up to 300 submissions accepted)

4/13: Notification of Placement

4/16 & 4/17: Selected students go to studio for 1:1 professional recording

4/29: Pre-recorded Virtualandia is released/Winners Announced

*you do not have to participate in workshops or FHS Slam to submit

Please NOTE: School Slams and Virtualandia (virtual Verselandia) are separate this year and students do NOT need to participate in one to participate in the other.