CCE 2021

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Async Day check in: Do work in Canvas or read and fill out the SSR form or come to a watch party in a live session

SSR Page

We will be doing sustained silent reading the first class period of the week. See this page for the form you must complete each week and a list of articles to read. You may read whatever you like for SSR.

Assignments will be posted in Canvas in the various unit pages, see links above. The Personal Essay will be in Google Classroom. Grades will be updated in Synergy every two weeks.

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During office hours on Wednesdays, beginning February 10th, I will be hosting a poetry slam club. If interested, please join us at this link:

CCE Quarter 3

Week 1

February 1-5

Getting Started

Week 2-4

February 8-26


Week 5-6

March 1-12

You and your relationships

Week 7-9

March 15-April 2

Community and Social Justice

Week 10

April 5-9

3rd quarter wrap up

CCE Quarter 4

Week 1-3

April 12-30


Week 4-5

May 3-14

College and Post High School Training

Week 6-7

May 17-28

Personal Essay

Week 8-9

June 1-11

Reflections on the Year