Portfolio Help Site

Contact: Mrs. Balk, librarian balkm@ticsd.org

  • This year, ALL Senior Portfolios will be DIGITAL. You will be using Google Sites to create your portfolio. You may use another site (just check with Mrs. Balk) There is a mandatory checklist of inclusions, which is based on the 4C’s (graduate descriptors) Your portfolios will be GRADED and assessed by a committee of teachers.

  • This year, you will be working with a MENTOR teacher. This teacher will help you through the portfolio process. You will ask them questions, have them proofread your essays (internship and self-evaluation) and resume, and help you prepare to present.

  • The SUBMIT deadline is MAY 20 by 4pm. This is a FIRM deadline.

  • Portfolio Presentation day (in house) is MAY 30. You will be assigned a period and classroom when you will present your portfolio to a group of students. This will be graded and feedback will be given. You MUST present! If you are absent, you WILL make it up.

  • Portfolio Presentation night is JUNE 5. This is MANDATORY. If you do not show, you do not walk at graduation. You will be assigned a time and a room where you will present to the community your portfolio.