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Welcome to the St James' Sixth Form website. My name is Alex Aldridge and I am the Head of Sixth Form and will be taking over from Ms McCaffery from September 2021. I am very excited about our Sixth Form and the great work that Ms McCaffery and the rest of the Sixth Form team have completed in the last three years. We have continued to increase numbers, improve on results and develop our extra curricular provision year on year to be in a position where we have over a Sixth Form of over 200 and an increasing number of applicants from other schools. We are a very successful Sixth Form and I know that this year there is going to be even more to celebrate. We are a 16-18 co-educational Sixth Form which welcomes applications from multi-faith or secular pupils who have been successful both in the UK and abroad. We offer a range of academic and vocational courses; Level 2, Level 3 and 26 different A-level courses alongside our tailor made pastoral curriculum and bespoke post 18 guidance.

St James' Sixth Form provides our pupils with excellent and innovative teaching. We work collaboratively as a staff to ensure that our pupils reach their academic potential, thereby enabling them to gain the qualifications and experiences to access university, further education and the careers of their choice.​ Our pupils understand the importance of working hard independently from day one in order to fulfill the demands of the course. Our brand new facilities now provides our pupils with the ability to focus on their studies and prepare them for university life.

We ensure our pupils are given the opportunity to 'live life to the full' (John 10:10), and develop not only academically but in character, so our students leave our care as well rounded young adults who are prepared for the modern world. Our pupils understand the importance of contributing to the whole school community and are actively encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life. We ensure they are provided with plethora of leadership opportunities; from the whole school leadership team who support across the school community to subject ambassadors, mentoring programmes, paired reading schemes, prefects and the Sixth Form leadership team who organise our charity and social events.

We believe in empowering our pupils to develop and grow in a structured, nurturing, environment ensuring that they achieve their academic potential and flourish as responsible young adults under six core values, which are Excellence, Resilience, Integrity, Trust, Aspiration and Service. We will ensure these six core values underpin our Sixth Form and are the foundation for our unwavering focus on our school motto of Veritas "the search for the truth" which is at the heart of every moment of school life in our Sixth Form.

Latest News

Year 11 to 12 Induction Week: Monday 11th to Friday 15th July 2022

Welcome all Year 11s who are currently with us for week commencing Monday 11th July. Here is a link to the presentation from last week that we gave to all prospective parents and young people wanting to join our Sixth Form. Here is a link to the timetable for the week

Futures Week: Monday 4th to Friday 8th July 2022

The students had a wonderful week participating in a wide variety of events. These focused on a extensive range of skills from developing integrity and resilience to aspiration and excellence with our trips to Cambridge University and personal statement writing . Below are photos and messages from the student bout the events during the week and a video of the whole week to share with you. this was created by Josh Tolentino in Year 12. All presentations from this week can be accessed in the Post 18 section of the website

Prior to visiting St Mary's, I was super worried about where I would get the funds for university, and moving out. However, after the talk about student finance, I'm feeling a lot more comfortable with the money aspect and I've learnt how it will work in the future. Overall it was a great and educational experience which I would recommend to future years, as it was fun to see how a university looks, but also what we can do to help ourselves prepare.'

Wiktor Kopec

The trip to St Mary’s university was a fun and enjoyable experience. It gave us the opportunity to learn more about university life that I and many others didn’t know about. My favourite part was the workshop on personal statements. I learnt ways to make my personal statement stand out such as dedicating around 20% of the whole thing to academic achievements and another 20% to extracurricular activities that would be beneficial to the degree I wish to pursue as well as ways to show my enthusiasm in the subject.

Erica Gomes

Day 2: Interview Skills Activities and Presentations from Lydia Newton - University of East Anglia (Recruitment Officer) and Jaqueline Lucey (Former Pupil and Manager of Waitrose)

Today we had the opportunity to learn how to strengthen our personal statements as well as what we need to know if we choose to take the path of an apprenticeship.

Firstly, we had Lydia from the university of East Anglia who gave us a very in depth presentation which started off as an explanation on how we can start our university personal statements and what we should be doing to help us make these statements better by any extra curricular activities we can do which relate to our career path of choice. Then the presentation lead to what different things we can expect on results day and how we can overcome any unexpected obstacles. Personally, this talk was very assuring as I came into it with many questions, however I walked out feeling as if I’ve understood this process a lot more and it had definitely answered any queries I had before.

Then we were visited by 2 students who were from the Civil Service who gave us a very in depth talk on what it’s like to go through an apprenticeship. Although I know that I don’t want to go through an apprenticeship I thought their talk was very enlightening for anyone who does as they gave an instructive idea of what the process could be like going down this path and they answered as many questions as possible which were asked by us as a year-group during the talk which left us more than satisfied.

Then we had our final careers talk which was also related to apprenticeships. The 2 employers from John Lewis had come to speak with us about how we can get into apprenticeships as young students and how we can go into an apprenticeship and come out with many more opportunities. This was incredibly informational and gave everyone a better understanding on how we can do more with any experiences we have had. To add, they were very reassuring to students as they gave us a good insight through their own experiences and they also continued to clear up any doubts.

To end the day, we split into our form groups where we learned what makes a good candidate. In this hour we learned what a good interview should be like as well as how to answer different interview questions under different circumstances. To better our initial understanding, we split into groups and did many role plays where we interviewed our peers and vice versa. It was very interesting to see how well we all worked under pressure and it also helped us to learn what kind of questions we could possibly be asked and how we can answer them.

Overall I thought that this day was very vital for all of us as a year group as it answered many of our queries and gave us a great perception on how we can improve our chances on achieving what we want or any alternative options we also have.

-Neerajah Vasciharan 12A


Day 3: Jane Marshall and West London Careers Fair

The students got an opportunity to think about why they want to do a particular subject Post 18. These sessions with Jane Marshall were excellent and the students enjoyed them. This is what they thought - "She was amazing and was really engaging. She provided me with so much more information about how to write my personal statement. And when I went up to her at the end she helped put my ideas together and gave me advice." "She helped structure our personal statements and guided us effectively through what not to write and what is important to write in order to convince universities that we were worth a chance to look at with personal experience and examples". We then went off to a careers fair where the students got to talk to a range of companies about employment and apprenticeship opportunities.


"i am planning to study Architecture, and I am very interested in the involvement and consideration of movement and space, which is often optimised with techniques such as biomimicry and light manipulation. I also read into this paper called 'The Influence of Architecture in Engineering Systems' which explained the fundamental relationship between the exterior that holds and shapes the complex structure that engineering systems have and how they work together to serve a purpose."

Mally Ballas

Day 4: Cambridge Trip and Personal Statement Writing

9 Oxbridge candidates went on a trip to Cambridge University where they visited a range of colleges, looking at subjects as wide ranging as Architecture to Law and Medicine. They all learnt a lot from the experience and below are two short videos from three of the students about why they enjoyed the trip. All other students wrote a large section of their personal statements, so they can ensure they are ready to hand in their UCAS applications in time for the deadline in the Autumn term.


Day 5: Stubbers Activity Centre

We ended our Futures Week with a trip to Stubbers where the students got to experience a range of activities form Team building, climbing and kayaking. It was great to see the students work together and develop their resilience through the activities, but also the way they all contributed to ensure all of the team completed the event together. they really showed service towards each other and the common good in the way they work. They showed integrity to ensure even those at the back, or not getting a particular action were able to complete the experience together. It was a great day and showed our students to be embodying all of our six Veritas Values in their actions throughout the day. Here are some photos of the day, but do look at the video from Josh for more extensive understanding of the day and the week!