Stark County Educational service center: Special services

Our programs: School Age (K-12+)

Behavioral Supports Classrooms

Several settings offer emotional and behavioral support on a continumm of environments with a focus on navigating challenging behaviors that are impacting a students ability to learn.  A heavy focus on student mental health supported my mental health counselors and included in the instructional design of all sites. 

TLC- Transition Classrooms

The TLC units are designed to assist students in becoming as independent as possible. The program supports students to be self-determined individuals that are productive and positive members of their community.  Our primary focus is daily living skills and vocational skills. This includes but is not restricted to activities that include: preparing and cooking meals throughout the school week, grocery shopping, laundy, cleaning, and volunteer placement in the community. The TLC program also has an academic component that focuses on supporting the ultimate goal of individuals with multiple disabilities to be as independent as they possibly can.  

RISE- Autism Classrooms

The RISE program is a public educational program for children medically diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Students enrolled in the program will receive a coordinated therapeutic and educational program. The services will be provided by a team of professionals working in conjunction with the Stark County Educational Service Center.

***Please Note: All programs require an IEP team decision to be considered for enrollment into one of our programs.  This should be a collaborative effort with your District's special education director and our team. ***