Stark County Educational service center: Special services

Our programs: School Age (K-12+)

+Multiple Disability Classrooms

+Emotional/Behavioral Classrooms

+RISE- Autism Classrooms

+TLC-Transition Classrooms

Emotional Behavioral Classrooms

Several settings offer emotional and behavioral support on a continumm of environments with a focus on navigating challenging behviors that are impacting a students ability to learn. A heavy focus on student mental health supported my mental health counselors and included in the instructional design of all sites.

TLC- Transition Classrooms

RISE- Autism Classrooms

The RISE program is a public educational program for children medically diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Students enrolled in the program will receive a coordinated therapeutic and educational program. The services will be provided by a team of professionals working in conjunction with the Stark County Educational Service Center.

***Please Note: All programs require an IEP team decision to be considered for enrollment into one of our programs. This should be a collaborative effort with your District's special education director and our team. ***