One Book, One Community

Imagine a community of people coming together to celebrate the kindness and generosity of others. What kind of impact might it have if neighborhoods committed to be a little more kind to one another and appreciate the goodness all around them? The "One Book, One Community" art show takes the opportunity every year to highlight caring, kindness, and the careful thoughts of others to bring together the citizens of Stark County around a common theme. For 2021, the theme of "A Neighborhood of Kindness" will guide art pieces and a new video competition thanks to the incredible example set forth by the one and only, Mr. Fred Rogers.

Please navigate this website to learn more about the selected books, the art show, the video contest, and how you or someone you know might be able to become a part of this amazing event to spread kindness to all those around you!

2021 "One Book, One Community" Official Selections

I'm Proud of You - My Relationship with Fred Rogers

by Tim Madigan

Official selection for adults and high school students

You Are My Friend

by Aimee Reid

Suggested selection for middle & elementary students

Fred's Big Feelings

by Laura Renauld

Suggested selection for middle & elementary students

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