Senior Capstone Experience

Class of 2018

Attention Current Seniors: The Capstone Presentation time slots are listed below. Please note the room that you are assigned and be on time. Below is the presentation rubric for you to review prior to presenting.

Student Room Presentations Capstone on 4/3

Presentation Template and Rubric

Capstone Presentation Finalized Rubric
capstone presentation template 2017-2018

Attention Current Seniors: All seniors who presented their Capstone in November or in January MUST have all written work completed and turned into their adviser’s Google Classroom by Friday 2/9/18. If you do not meet this deadline, you will lose lockout and will be placed into a structured study hall to ensure completion of this work. For questions or concerns, please consult your adviser.

Attention Current Juniors

See below for adviser information.

2018-2019 Capstone Faculty Adviser List

Capstone Adviser List 2018-2019
Capstone Adviser Contract
Capstone Checklist Jan

Students that Completed Presentations on Nov 7th

Congratulations to all students who presented on Tuesday! Job well done! Here are some additional details to help ensure you complete the whole Capstone Experience.

1. You should be submitting your written work to your adviser's Google Classroom.

  • Proposal (scored on a rubric)
  • 3 mentor logs or resource logs
  • 3 research logs (scored on a rubric)
  • 3 work logs
  • reflection paper (scored on a rubric)

2. To earn an honor cord, you must have presented on Tuesday Nov. 7th and received a successful or higher on your presentation. Additionally, all work submitted to your adviser must be scored as highly successful.

3. If you did not present on November 7th, you should be wrapping up your Capstone Experience and preparing to present midyear. We will be releasing the next presentation date shortly. Please check in with your adviser.

Contact: Ms. Walsh - - Social Studies Department office

Mr. Richards - - Room 163