Data Privacy

The South Windsor School District is committed to protecting the privacy of student data.

Data Privacy Breach Information 8/1/19

Pearson, a corporation specializing in educational products, has announced that a data breach occurred which affected approximately 13,000 schools and universities. Although it is the responsibility of Pearson to contact affected schools, the district’s IT department immediately contacted Pearson to determine if South Windsor was among the 13,000 schools. Today we received confirmation that some South Windsor Public Schools student data stored in Pearson’s AIMSweb 1.0 platform was affected by the data security incident. The student data affected included first and last names and, in some instances, date of birth. AIMSsweb 1.0 was a platform that the district used for benchmark and progress monitoring. We moved to a new platform in 2017. Pearson does not have any evidence that the data was misused; however, the district’s IT department will notify parents of affected students with additional information by email within two business days.

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The district uses computer applications (apps) to provide students a relevant and engaging educational learning environment. Many, but not all, of these educational apps collect student data in various forms. The data collected depends on the application. Reasons for data collection may include the following:

  • Provide access to educational data for the student (eg. online storage of documents, access to grades, assignments).
  • Provide access to educational data to the student’s teacher.
  • Provide access to educational data to the school district (eg. test scores, progress in an educational program).
  • Use data to individually tailor the learning experience for the student (eg. the app provides individual instruction based on student responses to questions).
  • Use data to improve the application (eg. use non-identified student data to analyze the value of educational programming).

The district thoroughly vets computer applications for educational value and privacy concerns before approval for teacher and student use. We also comply with the new law Public Act No. 16-189, An Act Concerning Student Data Privacy. PA 16-189 requires Boards of Education to enter into written contracts with contractors prior to providing the contractors with access to student information, student records or student-generated content. You can read more about the law through this link: PA 16-189 Below is a list of applications that collect student data with a link to a Terms of Service (TOS) Addendum.

SWPS applications that collect student data

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