Accessible & Assistive Technology

Fall Mountain Regional School District

The Fall Mountain Regional School District welcomes you to learn more about assistive technology and the ways it can support all of our students in achieving success as "21st century learners."

Assistive Technology is often available for all students to access as a part of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The Fall Mountain Regional School District has Identified the full implementation of UDL as one of its goals.

The process of determining the appropriateness of assistive technology as an accommodation for a student with an identified disability starts with the IEP team considering the student's individual needs and may move to completing an evaluation, trial of a type of assistive technology that will include a review of the success of that trial to determine the appropriateness of the options.

If the team determines that assistive technology is appropriate, then an implementation plan will be put into place that includes, student, home and school responsibilities related to the successful use of the technology. The implementation will be monitored for success and adjusted based on academic progress and needs.

The Fall Mountain Regional School District Assistive Technology Team has selected some standard forms to support them in this process. Please contact the special education case manager for your student for more information on the process.

In many cases the technology that is available for students to access across their academic day provides enough support and can be accessed independently with some training.