Tech Professional Development Offerings

District Media Services

Access Points Workshops: These events are dedicated to applying lessons learned from our first four years of PerL and continuing the best parts. These are offered to Middle School teachers currently in the refresh cycle.

Adventure Cohorts: Offered by application, this series focuses on the ideas and potentials for what's next in our digitally enhanced environments. Previous projects have included:

PerLCon17: PerLCon is designed to be a full day experience focused on the pedagogy and techniques teachers can use to take full advantage of our powerful digital platforms.

Elementary Technology Learning Labs: These sessions are designed for learning about powerful digital tools, along with time for teacher practice and exploration. All sessions will include an examination of classroom management with digital tools. These sessions are offered to Elementary licensed teachers.

Robbinsdale Tech Integration Blog: The stories of innovation and inspriation in ISD281

Schoology Teacher User Group: Internal Only - Resources and Discussions