1:1 Program Information

Future Ready Promise Schools

The district has embarked on a long-term and sustainable effort to provide all students with rich learning opportunities and the technology needed to better prepare them to achieve in today's world. 2017-18 was our inaugural year in moving towards a 1 : 1 student to device, digital Learning model for all schools. It is anticipated that implementation will take five phases to complete. Phases were recommended based on site's initial readiness to move digital learning forward.

Future Ready Promise Schools 1 : 1 Program is made possible by Measure P, passed by the Pomona Community in November 2016.

50 million of the 300 million dollars from Measure P is being earmarked for a short-term technology bond to purchase electronic devices, such as Chromebooks and laptops for students and teachers, as well as software and network infrastructure to ensure PUSD students can have a 'connected' learning experience. Giving students access to such equipment is necessary to ensure students are prepared for college, career and life in the digital world in which they belong. It also provides extended learning opportunities for things such as robotics and computer science. Measure P allows students to be able to do more hands-on, project-based learning while leveraging digital tools.

Measure P is being used to improve student access to modern technology that will help to engage and deepen their learning opportunities both at school and home.

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Today 1:1 computing initiatives that seek to provide laptop computers and Internet access to students for use at home and school are expanding rapidly across the globe. These initiatives can help facilitate the transition in schools from occasional, supplemental use of computers for instruction to more frequent, integral use of technology across a multitude of settings. Ubiquitous, 24/7 access makes it possible for students to access a wider array of resources to support their learning, to communicate with peers and their teachers, and to become fluent in their use of the technological tools of the 21st century workplace. Being able to take computers home further expands students’ access, facilitates students keeping their work organized, and makes the computer a more ‘personal’ device.

Implementation Phases

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Phase 1 school list
Phase 2 school list
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Phase 4 school list
Phase 5 school list

1:1 Chromebook Handbook &

PUSD Acceptable Use Agreement

PUSD 1:1 Handbook 19-20

English Handbook

1_1 PUSD Device Handbook 19-20_SPANISH_2

Spanish Handbook

PUSD 1:1 Handbook 20-21 Mandarin

Mandarin Chinese Handbook

Microsoft Word - Acceptable Use Agreement ENGLISH _Student-Parent-Guardian_ Clean.pdf

1:1 Program Overview

Promise Schools Overview V3_2019-20
Spanish_Promise Schools Overview_2019-20

1:1 Student Education Modules

1:1 Student Education Module PASSWORD Changing
1:1 Student Education Module TK-2

TK-2nd Grade

1:1 Student Education Module 3-5

3-5 Grade

1:1 Student Education Module 6-8

6-8 Grade

1:1 Student Education Module 9-12

9-12 Grade

1:1 Deployment - Student Device Videos

1:1 Device Handbook Overview

1:1 Simple Troubleshooting Guide

FRPS 1 to 1 Diamond Ranch HS Student View of Deployment

1:1 Device Orientation

Chromebook Accessories Setup

Securly Student Monitoring

Securly is the industry’s first and only 100% cloud-based web-filtering solution designed from the ground up for K-12 schools’ 21st century needs. Securly is designed to provide protection for any device, anywhere, and completely replace the existing web filter appliance. We take the conversation around student safety well beyond traditional compliance by using Artificial Intelligence techniques to flag online posts that may be indicative of self-harm or bullying. We also send weekly email reports to parents as well as give them access to a portal that gives them a view into their child’s life online.

Chromebook Filtering

Zero-touch filtering of 1:1 take home Chromebooks using a Chrome extension that takes seconds to deploy. No proxying. No SSL certificates.

Take Home Policies

Location based policies for take-home 1:1 devices when the devices are off school premises.

Cyberbullying and Self-Harm Prevention

Securly is the first product to audit student posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We also employ cutting edge natural language processing algorithms to flag activity on these networks that might be indicative of cyber bullying or self harm.

Securely-FAQs Rev 5 022020 RS.pdf
Securly Guide.pdf
SecurlyHome_2019-20_Parent Letter_7/16/2019
Spanish_SecurlyHome_Parent Letter_7/16/2019

NetOp Vision Classroom Management

See everything your students see

With Vision, you'll see what's happening on all student screens. Is someone struggling with a lesson? Playing on social media? Cheating on a test? You'll know firsthand by seeing live views of all student screens on your computer. You can even customize your view to match your classroom layout.

Refocus students’ attention, reclaiming instruction time

Eyes front! Pay attention! Simply press the button to lock student screens and keyboards, redirecting students’ attention. You can even customize the lock screen image to add your own personal flair.

Facilitate learning by sharing your screen on every student device

No need for projectors or handouts - Vision gives every student a front row seat by sharing your screen on student computers.

Because social media can wait until the lesson is over

Your classroom, your rules. Use the internet to enhance learning, rather than detract from it. With the push of a button, you can limit web access, keeping students safe and on-task.

NetOp Vision Videos

NetOp: Connecting to the network

NetOP: Removing the Setup Network

These documents aim at guiding teachers in using the NetOp Vision Teacher app on Chromebooks.

To use NetOp Vision for Chromebooks, you must own a Google Classroom account with classrooms and enrolled students. Goto https://classroom.google.com for more information.

NetOp Vision Teacher Install.pdf
NetOp User Guide.pdf
NetOp Advance User Guide.pdf