What are WEB Leaders?

WEB Leaders are 8th graders who are good role models for younger students and who have been successful at our school. WEB Leaders’ communication skills, leadership potential, responsibility, and personality have helped them succeed in the middle school environment, and the lessons they have learned should be shared to help others succeed. They have a tremendous influence on our new students and they will learn many valuable leadership skills in the process.

What do WEB Leaders do?

WEB Leaders are trained to work with the incoming 6th graders who will be entering our school next fall. After the extensive training, WEB Leaders will run the 6th grade orientation the first day of school. At the orientation, each WEB Leader will be given a small group of 6th graders to work with that day and will be asked to befriend and to help that group during the first week of school with any challenges they may face. Additionally, throughout next school year, WEB Leaders will meet again with their student groups to touch base, discuss problems, and plan social activities. We know that the more contact a 6th grader has with her/his WEB Leader, the more successful the 6th grader will be.

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