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It's hard to believe it is already 2019! This year, instead of "resolutions" I am reflecting on some truths I want to embrace every day.

Here are some truths I'm leaning into in the new year:

  • Sometimes I have different priorities/wants than others--this is okay!
  • In order to be good to others, I need to be good to myself (rest, fun, eating good food!)
  • It is important to forgive others.
  • It is important to forgive yourself.

What truths are you embracing in the new year?

About Me

My name is Edith AhYat and this is my 6th year teaching. Before teaching here at North Creek, I taught in Lakewood, Washington in the Clover Park School District. I love teaching because I enjoy discussing big ideas with fresh perspectives that young people can provide. I believe that every single person is capable of a thrilling, beautiful and fulfilling life. It is my goal that we work collaboratively to make each other better human beings, and glimpse our future potential.