2019 CGS Conference Program

Big Bear Lake, CA



7:00 am -10:00 am in the hotel lobby

2:30 pm - 6:00 pm in the hotel lobby

Friday Field Trips

The boat tour will be departing from the Pine Knot Marina.

All other field trips will be departing from the hotel lobby.

Kick-Off Barbecue and Keynote Address

6:00 pm in the hotel banquet room.

Keynote Address

Presented by: Richard Halsey from the California Chaparral Institute

Hotel banquet room

CGS Board Meeting

Following the keynote address in Boulder room, upstairs


Registration and Vendor Displays

Upstairs Central reception area

8:15 am - 3:00 pm

Poster Presentations

Banquet Room

8:45 am - 3:00 pm

Judging to begin at 9:00 am

Cartography Presentations

Sawmill Room - Upstairs

8:45 am - 3:00 pm

Judging to begin at 9:00

Session 1

8:45 - 9:45 am

Session 1A - Rm: Timbers - Faculty or Professional Papers

Chair - Zia Salim

  • Michael Farrell, et al., Los Angeles City College - Real Learning in Virtual Geographic Environments
  • Mike DeVivo, Grand Rapids Community College - The Emergence of Joe Bullet and Blaxploitation: A Geographical Perspective on Motion Pictures
  • Zia Salim, CSU Fullerton - Art, Space, and the City: Analyzing the Cultural Landscapes of Public Art in Venice, California

Session 1B - Rm: Meadows - Undergraduate Papers

Chair - Kevin Greer

  • Sofia Gomez, CSU Northridge - Gardening and Landscaping with California native plants: Consumer interest and horticulture perception in, the San Fernando Valley
  • Mary Self, CSU Stanislaus - O'Sullivan and Images of Native Americans in Northern Arizona
  • Kevin Greer, Humboldt State University - Determining Factors That Contributed to the Carr Fire

Session 1C - Rm: Metcalf Bay - Undergraduate Papers

Chair - Jeremy Lorenzen

  • Ryan Koyanagi, CSU Fullerton - From Marketplace to Promenade: Gentrification and Place Ownership in Santa Ana
  • Jeremy Lorenzen, CSU Northridge - Understanding cultural identity in terms of food
  • Bajun Mavalwalla, Sonoma State University - Is Living Small a Tall Order? An Examination of Intentional Sustainable Communities as an Alternative to Hyper-Consumption in America

Session 1D - Rm: Boulder - Graduate Papers

Chair - Matthew Wigginton

  • Karyn Medina, UC Davis - Beautiful City for Whom? Examining Public and Governmental Responses to Graffiti in SÃo Paulo
  • Olivia Hinton, CSU Fullerton - Dendroclimatology in Yellowstone: Response of Trees within the Greater Yellowstone Ecoregion, USA
  • Matthew Wigginton Conway, Arizona State University - Residential Parking Oversupply: A California Case Study

Session 2

10:00 - 11:00 am

Session 2A - Rm: Timbers - Workshop

Hosted by Vanessa Engstrom, Santiago Canyon College

Incorporating ArcGIS Online and Story Maps into Projects

Session 2B - Rm: Meadows - Undergraduate Papers

Chair - Dakota Whitman

  • Sara Schmunk, Sonoma State University - The Effects of Forest Structure Complexity on Avian Species Diversity in Sonoma County, CA
  • Dakota Whitman, Sonoma State University - How suspended large woody debris affects salmonid habitat in a first-order stream in northern California
  • Emily Oliveira Vaz , Sonoma State University - Analysis of Herbaceous Recovery and Diversity in Burned and Unburned Mixed Oak Woodland Forest and Mixed Douglass Fir Forest After a Wildfire

Session 2C - Rm: Metcalf Bay - Undergraduate Papers

Chair - Nicholas Conkle

  • Aliza Herzberg, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - Urban Water Scarcity in Sana'a, Yemen
  • Danielle Kirkland-Shatraw, Humboldt State University - Cartography and Resistance: Counter-mapping in Palestine
  • Nicholas Conkle, Grand Rapids Community College - The Inequality of Voter Representation: A Geographical Perspective on the Electoral College and US Senate

Session 2D - Rm: Boulder - Graduate Papers

Chair - Rebecca Van Stokkum

  • Guadalupe Maldonado, CSU Fullerton - A widespread invasive species: Through the lens of the Purepecha
  • Ryan Miller, UC Davis - A Long Emergency: The Post-Camp Fire Housing and Transportation Crisis in Butte County
  • Rebecca Van Stokkum, UC Davis - Immanent nature: Information in local planning

Presidential Plenary Session

Challenges of Preparing and Responding to Natural Hazards in California: The Case of Montecito Debris Flow

Todd Hall, National Weather Service

Richard Halsey, The California Chaparral Institute

11:15 - 12:15 pm

Hotel banquet room


12:15 - 1:45 pm

No lunch provided. Enjoy any number of local vendors.

Session 3

1:45 - 2:45 pm

Session 3A - Rm: Timbers - Faculty or Professional Papers

Chair - Mario Giraldo

  • Jennifer Bjerke, San Bernardino Valley College - Teaching Geography with Open Educational Resources
  • John Menary & Ray Sumner, CSU Dominguez Hills - Story Maps: A Quest for Geographical Storytelling
  • mario giraldo, CSU Northridge - Bringing global change and climate change into the teaching of Geography courses

Session 3B - Rm: Meadows - Undergraduate Papers

Chair - Mony Sea

  • Kevin Ankerberg, CSU Northridge - Field testing Unmanned Aerial Systems for stream discharge measurements
  • Mony Sea, CSU Northridge - Utilizing Satellite-Derived Data to Monitor Gross Primary Productivity

Session 3C - Rm: Metcalf Bay - Undergraduate Papers

Chair - Ryan Reger

  • Elvis Carrillo, et al., CSU Dominguez Hills - Species specific tree-ring climate response of sub-alpine species from the Nepal Himalaya
  • Ryan Reger, Humboldt State University - The Writhing Eel: Correlations Between Cyanobacteria Blooms and the Potter Valley Project

Session 3D - Rm: Boulder - Graduate Papers

Chair - Amber Suto

  • Elois Joseph, CSU Fullerton - The Spice of Life : Changing Foodways in Southern California’s Indian Immigrant Community
  • Amber Suto, CSU Fullerton - Nikkei Wartime Gardens: Gardening and Landscaping in Japanese Internment Camps

Session 4

3:00 - 4:20 pm

Session 4A - Rm: Timbers - Faculty or Professional Papers

Chair - Sanchayeeta Adhikari

  • Todd Hall, NOAA/National Weather Service - Montecito Debris Flow: A Historical Comparison to Southern California Debris Flows and an Analysis of the Forecast and Warning Challenges
  • Sanchayeeta Adhikari, CSU Northridge - Semi-Automated Water Extraction: A Comparative Remote Sensing Approach
  • Daniel Scollon, Shasta College - Klamath Physiographic Province: A Narrative and Cartographic Update
  • William Selby, Santa Monica College - California's Islands in the Sky

Session 4B - Rm: Meadows - Faculty or Professional Papers

Chair - Benjamin Timms

  • Mitchell Snyder, UC Davis - Paradise Lost, Paradise Found: Studying the Impact of the Camp Fire
  • Jacquelyn Chase & LaDona Knigge, CSU Chico - Displacement after the Camp Fire
  • Benjamin Timms, Cal Poly - SLO - Reflections on Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs: Lessons Learned and Suggestions for Success
  • Trevis Matheus, CSU Fullerton - Adventures in Teaching Mountain Field Geography

Session 4C- Rm: Metcalf Bay - Faculty or Professional Papers

Chair - Steve Graves

  • Topanga Betke, Brian McCabe & Jacqueline Gonzalez, CSU Fullerton - Weed Oasis: How Cities are Swiftly Embracing Recreational Marijuana in the Coachella Valley
  • Kris Bezdecny, CSU Los Angeles - Celebration at 25: branded communities as themed urban utopias
  • Steven Graves, CSU Northridge - Food Swamps, Food Deserts and Fifth Grade Fitness: An Analysis of the Food-Fitness Nexus in LA County
  • Manju Narmada Ulaganathan, CSU Long Beach - Neighborhoods and Public Transport Accessibility, GIS-based wind farm site selection using spatial multi-criteria analysis (SMCA): Evaluating the case

Session 4D - Rm: Boulder - Faculty or Professional Papers

Chair - Eddie Bairam

  • Mike Kohout, et al., CSU San Bernardino - Environmental Justice in the Inland Empire
  • Nicholas Perdue, et al., Humboldt State University - Backyard Geographies: Permaculture as Reconciliation Ecology
  • Eddie Bairam, Orange Coast College - Brexit: The Aftermath. The Changing Fault Line in Contemporary Politics.
  • Robert Gorcik, Pasadena City College - How to create virtual fieldtrips with YouTube and assessing it for instructional effectiveness.

CGS Business Meeting, Rm: Boulder

4:30 - 5:15 pm

Awards Banquet

6:00 pm

Hotel banquet room


Sunday Field Trip

The nature journaling field trip will meet at the Big Bear Discovery Center.