Community Connected Experiential Learning

In collaboration with our community partner, O’Hara Mill Homestead and Conservation Area, the students and supervising staff at Centre Hastings Secondary School will design and build a structure at the conservation area that will allow visitors to safely cross a creek on foot, giving easy access to the entire property, including an old-growth forest.

This project is part of our GLOBALLY MINDED LEARNERS & LEADERS School Improvement goal: If we engage students in opportunities to develop global competencies through leadership and teamwork in and outside of the classroom, then our students will develop the skills, self-awareness, knowledge and understanding of Indigenous traditions required to make a difference as connected citizens of the classroom, school, local and global communities. In particular, we intend to give our students opportunities to develop the following competencies:

~To become Caring Inclusive Citizens

~To become Critical Thinkers

~To become effective Communicators

~To become powerful Collaborators

This project is generously funded by a Community Connected Experiential Learning grant from the Ontario Ministry of Education.